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Week II Vocabulary

servo servare servavi, servatum to preserve, save, guard, protect
conservo conservare conservavi, conservatum to preserve, conserve, maintain
terreo terrere terrui, territum to frighten, terrify
valeo valere valui, valiturum to be strong, have power, be well
sententia sententiae f. feeling, thought, opinion, vote, sentence
vita vitae f. life
ager agri m. field, farm
agricola agricolae m. farmer
amicus/amica amici/amicae m./f. friend
femina feminae f. woman
filius filii m. son
filia filiae f. daughter
numerus numeri m. number
populus populi m. people, people group, nation
puer pueri m. boy
sapientia sapientiae f. wisdom
vir viri m. man, hero
basium basii n. kiss
Romanus, a, um Romana Romanum Roman
bellus, a, um bella bellum pretty, handsome, charming
bonus, a, um bona bonum good, kind
humanus, a, um humana humanum human
malus, a, um mala malum bad, wicked, evil
perpetuus, a, um perpetua perpetuum perpetual, lastin, continuous
plenus, a, um plena plenum full, abundant, generous
salvus, a, um salva salvum safe, sound
secundus, a, um secunda secundum second, favorable
vester vestra vestrum your, yours
non adverb xxx not
saepe adverb xxx often
satis adjective, adverb, or indeclinable noun xxx enough, sufficient(-ly)
tum adverb xxx then, at that time, thereupon, in the next place
moneo monere monui, monitum to remind, advise, warn
salveo salvere xxx to be well, be in good health
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