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Ecosystems 2016

study guide

The role of a producer in a food chain is to_______________. produce food
The role in the food chain that is considered to be the 'end' of the chain is the_____________________ decomposer
What would happen to an ecosystem if no more producers lived there? other organisms could not survive there
What do consumers in an ecosystem have to have to survive? producers
Where does the energy in every food chain come from? the sun
An animal that eats plants and other organisms is called an______ omnivore
An animal that eats only plants is called an_________ herbivore
An animal that eats meat is called a_______ carnivore
Where does most of the oxygen we breathe come from? plants
What is the purpose of decaying plants in a garden? They put nutrients back into the soil
What is a predator? An animal that hunts other animals for food.
What is prey? An animal that is hunted by a predator.
What role humans should play in protecting a rare ecosystem? We should not interfere or intrude.
What role have humans played in the extinction of animals? destroying habitats
What does pollution in streams and lakes usually do to the plants and animals that live there It kills them.
What kind of claw would a bird need to grasp prey? large claw, sharp talons, able to bend the claw to hold on to prey
Describe the physical features of a bird that feeds on fish in small lakes and ponds. long legs, sharp beak, oily feathers
Created by: Andersonclass