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117 Sexuality

The Concept of Sexuality

Sexual health is? A state of well-being in relation to sexuality across the lifespan that involves physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual dimensions. Free of coercion, fear, discrimination, stigma, shame, and violence
Sex is? One of four primary drives (thirst, hunger, avoidance of pain)
Sexual acts are? Behaviors that include genitalia and erogenous zones
Sexual identity is? Biological sexual characteristics of male or female
Gender identity is? Perception of one’s gender as masculine or feminine
Sexual orientation is? How one views self in terms of emotionally, romantically, sexually, or affectionately attracted to an individual of a particular gender
Sexual behavior is? How one responds to sexual impulses
The human sexual response cycle consists of? Excitement phase Plateau phase Orgasmic phase Resolution phase
High-risk sexual behaviors include? Multiple and casual partners Failure to practice safe-sex measures Use of alcohol Use marijuana Use of other illicit substances
“The five Ps” of a sexual history are? Partners Protection from infection Practices Past history of infection Prevention of pregnancy
Positive sexual attitudes and behaviors include? Being present Authenticity Intense emotional connection Sexual and erotic intimacy Communication Transcendence
Etiology of sexual dysfunction include what 4 factors? Physiological factors Psychological factors Maturational factors Environmental factors
Sexual Disorders include? STDs Male Disorders Female Disorders
Considerations when choosing a contraceptive method include what? Safety Protection (STDs) Effectiveness Acceptability Convenience Education needed Benefits Side effects Effect on spontaneity Availability Expense Preference Religious and personal beliefs Culture Other considerations
Adolescents in regard to sexuality and contraceptives. Assess knowledge for deficit Misinformation from peers Risk-taking behavior is common Counseling
Pelvic Types Gynecoid Android Anthropoid Platypelloid
has a roundish brim which allows fetal rotation when the muscles and ligaments in and around the pelvis aren’t tight and twangy. gynecoid pelvis xray radiopaedia The pelvic arch in front would allow three fingers to cover the urethra during a “pott
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