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5th Grade Essential Knowledge

What would happen on earth if the Sun did not exist anymore? Plants would die, plant-eating animals would die, the water cycle would not work, it would be very dark and cold
How are the moon and the Earth alike or similar? Both are made of rock, rotate, orbit the Sun, have craters, have extinct volcanoes, have mountains and valleys, have quakes, and have gravity
How are the moon and the Earth different? The Earth has life, an atmosphere that will support life, liquid water active volcanoes, wind and weather and strong gravity. The moon doesn't
Why do we see the same side or face of the moon all the time? Because the moon rotates in about the same length of time it takes it to revolve
Which object in the sky does the moon orbit the moon is a natural satellite of the Earth
What is the cause of Earth's seasons? The tilt of Earth's axis causes the Sun's rays to hit parts of the Earth differently at different times of the year
Which object in our solar system does the Earth orbit? Earth orbits the Sun
Why is the Sun bigger and brighter than the other stars in our galaxy? It seems bigger and brighter because it is so much closer than any other stars.
Why does Earth experience night and day? The rotation of the Earth causes night and day.
How long does it take Earth to revolve around the Sun? It takes 1 year or 365 days for the Earth to revolve around the Sun.
What is an orbit? It is the path an object in the sky takes around another object in the sky.
What are 4 natural materials that flow on Earth's surface? Lave, mud, glaciers, and water all flow
What two forces are destructive to Earth's surface? Weathering and erosion are destructive
What kind of changes does a glacier make to Earth's surface? Glaciers can carve valleys, push large rocks, crush rock, or melt to form lakes.
What forces of nature change Earth's surface quickly? Floods, landslides, mudslides, hurricanes, tsunami, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions can all make quick changes.
What forces of nature change Earth's surface slowly? Glaciers, deposition, weathering, and erosion make slow changes
How are winds created on Earth? Winds are created by the uneven heating of Earth's surface.
Created by: llvaugha