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Science Affixes ABC

Science Affixes A,B,C

a, an without, not
ab away, off
abilis able to
acceler hasten
ad, af near, toward
aero air
alb white
ameb, amoeb change
amphi on both sides
ana away, onward
andro male
angio case, capsule
antho, anth flower
anthropo man, human
anti against
aqua water
arachna spider
archae ancient
arterio dealing with arteries
arthro joint
asco bag, sac
ase enzyme
aster star
atmo breath, vapor
auri ear
auto self
avi bird
bi two, twice, double
bin two, two at a time
bio, be, ba life
blast embryo
bov cow
brachi arm
bry grow
calcan heel
calor heat
cani dog
capilli hair
cardi heart
carni flesh
carpo wrist
caryo nucleus of cell
cat down, break down
caud tail
centi one-hundredth; 100
centro center
cephalo head
cera horn
cerebro brain
cervi neck
cet whale
chemo chemical
chloro green
chromo color
chrono time
cide kill
cili small hair
co, col, com, con, cum with, together
cocco berry, grain
coel hollow cavity
coron crown
corpus body
cranio skull
crist crown
cumul heap, mass
cuti skin
cyano dark blue
cyclo round
cyst bladder, pouch
cyto, cyte cell
Created by: trush