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NC #9

Safety & Asepsis

What is the Joint Commission? Organization that provides accreditation to health care agencies that develops National Patient safety goals
What can lead to patient injury? Deviation form Nation Patient safety goals
What types of fire extinguishers are there? Various types
What is the first priority in case of fire? Remember to stay calm, if personal or patient safety is endangered, evacuate the area
Shat are the fours steps to correctly use fire extinguisher? Pull pin, Carry & hold extinguisher upright, point nozzle @ base of fire, squeezing handle of the extinguisher to discharge content & move in sweeping motion
According to OSHA, what do all employee's have the right to know? About any hazardous materials they may encounter
Where must MSDS be? Information must be on the labels of the product, and more details can be found on the MSDS sheets
What is HAZCOM & what must employers do? Hazardous Communication Program - employers must have a written program to communicate with their employees about the hazardous material & how to handle them
What is included on the MSDS? Level of hazard, training on how to handle hazard & where to find information on HAZMAT
What is the purpose of the MSDS? Provide protection precautions that should be used while handling the chemical
What does R.A.C.E. stand for? Remove patients from danger - Activate the alarm system & alert others - Contain the fire - Extinguish the fire
Who may be responsible for patient safety in different types of disasters? Health care worker
What are three things to remember during Emergency Action? Stay calm, Provide safety, & always follow disaster policies of the facility
What are the steps in an incident/variance report? First concern is the victim, Assess the victim, Report the incident, contact Doctor/Family, Chart what happened & fill out incident form, Return incident/variance form to floor manager, DO NOT chart that an incident form was filled out!!
Health care workers can get diseases caused by exposure to what? Body fluids
What bodily fluids can health care workers be exposed to if they aren't properly protected? Blood & blood components, semen, vaginal secretions, cerebral spinal fluid, saliva, & mucus
How can the infected blood get into the health care workers body? Cuts, needle punctures, eyes, chapped or cracked skin
What are the two diseases caused by bloodborne pathogens Hepatitis B & AIDS
What is the definition of AIDS? Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
What is AIDS caused by? HIV - Human Immunodeficiency Virus
What disease is spread through the air? TB - Tuberculosis Bacillus
True or False: Lately TB is on decline? False
What PPE is a health care worker required to wear if they care for a patient that has TB? N95 or Hepa Mask (aka respirator)
What two things can be hazardous if not controlled? Radiation & Radioactive substances
What does PPE stand for? Personal Protective Equipment
What are example's of PPE and when should they be used? Latex gloves - used when handling sterile equipment, patients, supplies that contain blood/body fluids. Gowns - protects clothes Mask/Goggles - protects mucous membranes /eyes from splattering blood/body fluids
What is a good way to protect against hazardous exposure? Wash hand frequently
What is good hand washing technique? Use of warm running water, soap & friction
True or False: Heavily soiled hands should be washed longer than slightly soiled hands? True
What do you place glass, needles, & scalpels in? SHARPS container
What is one of the BEST preventative measures for infection control? Hand hygiene
Each facility as a NO what policy? Lift
What are the guidelines called that each facility has with regards to lifting? Safe lifting algorithm
Manual lifting techniques are not enough to prevent injuries, what else must you do? Use mechanical lift devices
How do you maintain good body mechanics? Broad base of support, bend at hips & knees, get close to object, keep back straight, DO NOT BEND AT WAIST
What is a high risk activity for both LPN and patient? Manual lifting & moving of dependent patients
What does bending for long periods of time cause? Strain & stress on your muscles
What is a consequence of fungi? Athletes foot
What is a consequence of Rickettsias? Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
What is consequence of viruses? Colds
What is an infection that occurs with in a health care organization called? Nosocomial infection
What does a patient who is more susceptible to an infection while in the hospital have? Compromised Immune system
What are most nosocomial infections caused by? Soiled hands
What is the most common infection acquired wile in a medical setting? UTI
What is a person who harbors & spreads a microorganism that causes diseases in others called? Carrier
What microorganism is responsible for more diseases than any other? Streptococcus
What do you call an infection that doesn't work with antibiotics? Resistant
What is an example of a resistant infection? MRSA - Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
How can microorganisms be transmitted? Eating & drinking utensils, food, water, insects, animals, personal care & hygiene equipment
What are aerobes? Bacteria that grow in the presence of oxygen
What are anerobes? Bacteria that grow with out oxygen
What is the Chain of Infection? Infectious agent - pathogen; Reservior - where pathogen can grow; Exit rt from reservoir; Mode of transmission - method/vehicle of transportation; Portal of entry - entrance through skin, mucus lining; Host - another person/animal susceptible to pathogen
What is the best way to interrupt the chain of infection? Hand hygiene
What is surgical asepsis? Destroys all microorganisms and their spores
What kind of jewelry can microorganisms lodge in? Diamond rings
What type of precautions are used for care of all patients? Standard
What does standard precautions mean? Consider all blood & bodily fluids to be infectious, use PPE when handling blood/body fluids or when there is a potential for bloody/body fluids
What does PPE include? Gloves, gown, mask/goggles
What do you do when there are airborne precautions? Wear a mask in addition to other PPE for illnesses such as measles, chickenpox, & shingles
What do you do when there are droplet precautions? Wear a mask in addition to other PPE for illnesses such as influenza, meningitis, sepsis, diphtheria, pertussis, strep, pneumonia, mumps, & rubella
What does it mean to be immunocompromised? Patient who does NOT have antibodies to fight off infections; they are put in a private room for their protection (aka, reverse protection)
When does a sterile object become unsterile? When it is touched by another object that is not sterile
What is the outer inch of a sterile field called? CONTAMINATED
What should you do if you are in doubt if a piece of equipment is sterile? Err on the side of caution, get a new sterile piece of equipment
What is considered a restraint on a bed? All four rails are put up
What is a safety reminder device (SRD)? Any numerous devices used to immobilize a patient or a part of a patients body
What has to be in place before a SRD can be used? Physicians order that includes duration and reason
How often is monitoring done on a patient with SRD? Every 30 mins to 2hrs
What must be done each time monitoring of SRD is complete? Documentation of type of device, and assessment of circulation, skin integrity, & adequate breathing (if vest SRD used)
When do we wash our hands? Before & after handling food, before & after patient care, before & after we take off our gloves
What do you tie a SRD to? Bed frame / NEVER a bed rail
What is streptococcus bacterium responsible for? More diseases than any other organism
Define antiseptic Substance that tends to inhibit growth & reproduction of microorganisms
Define contamination Condition of being soiled
What is a host? An organism in which another, usually parasitic, organism is nourished and harbored
Define exit route Point of escape
Define spore Body that formed by the bacterium when conditions are unfavorable for growth of bacteria
Define vehicle A means by which microorganisms are carried & transported to the next host, once they have left the reservoir
Define carrier or vector Is a person or animal who does not become ill but harbors and spreads an organism, causing disease in others
Define reservoir Where a pathogen can grow
Define virus Smallest known agents to cause disease
What are the rules of good body mechanics? Keep feet 8"-10" apart, one foot forward, balance weight on both feet, point toes in direction of movement
What does PASS mean? Pull pin, Aim nozzle @ base of fire, Squeeze handle, Sweep back & forth
What is medical asepsis? Consists of techniques that inhibit the growth and spread of pathogenic microorganisms
Created by: tandkhopkins