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history of Nursing

Seniors basic nursing skills

God of Medicine Asclepius
First Sanitation System invented by Ancient Romans
Father of Medicine Hippocrates
Dark Age Healers were Priests and monks
Military men practicing nursing during the crusades wore a Maltese Cross
Accurate body drawings in the Renaissance Era done by Leonardo da Vinci
Father of Microbiology and invented the microscope Anton Van Leeuwenhoek
Father of Modern Surgery Ambroise Pare
Father of Pulmonary Disease and invented the stethoscope Theophile Hyacinthe
Era of tasting body fluids to diagnose disease Early Western Medicine
Present day Health issues Aging population and cost
The first nurse was Phoebe found in ________________ Times Biblical
During the Reformation or the dark ages of nursing only _________ and _____________ practices nursing Prisoners and Prostitutes
Florence Nightingale cared for soldeiers in which war? Crimeon
Lady with the Lamp Florence Nightingale
Lamp Represents Learning
Warmth of lamp represents Caring
Oil of the lamp Represents Energy
Nightingale Theory Nature alone Cures
Cleanliness is ______________ to recovery Vital
Each patient is an ________________ Individual
Nursing is an _______ and a _______________ art, science
______________ is better than cure Prevention
The nurse must work as a member of the Team
A nurse should be healthy in Mind and Body
_____________ is part of nursing Teaching
Nurse known for campaign against inhumane treatment of mentally ill patients Dorthea Dix
Nurse known for the Red Cross Clara Barton
Nurse known for started the American Nurses Association Isabel Hampton Robb
Nurse known for Public Health Nursing Lillian Wald
Fair treatment of African American Nurses Mary Mahoney
Nurse known for Midwife school Mary Breckinridge
Created by: MrsOConnor