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Ch 2 Biology Test

True or False:The ability of water to retain heat helps cells maintain Homeostasis True
T/F:Nonpolar molecules dissolve well in water False
T/F:Water molecules attract nonpolar molecules such as oil False
T/F:Organic compounds contain carbon atoms are covalently bonded to other elements typically hydrogen oxygen and other carbon atoms True
True or false: DNA stores hereditary information that can be used to make proteins True
T/F:The amount of energy needed to cause a chemical reaction to start is called activation energy True
True or false enzymes speed up a chemical reaction by increasing the activation energy of the reaction False
T/F: When an enzyme binds with its substrate the activation energy needed for the chemical reaction occur is increased False
Hydrogen bonds can form between regions of polar molecules that are... Oppositely charged
The attraction among molecules of different substrates is called... Adhesion
Why is water necessary to your body? It dissolves and transports substances
Which phrase best describes a solvent? Present in a greater concentration than solutes
A solution with a high concentration of Hydrogen ions is... Very acidic
Fats oils and cholesterol are all types of... Lipids
DNA and RNA are two types of... Nucleic Acids
Chemical reactions change substances into different substances by... Breaking and forming chemical bonds
Which phrase best describes an exothermic chemical reaction? Releases more energy than it absorbs
Which phrase best describes the effect of a catalyst on a chemical reaction? Decreases the activation energy
Enzymes affect chemical reactions in living organisms by... Weakening bonds in reactants
The specific reactants that an enzyme acts on are called... Substrates
The chemical formula shows the... Kinds of elements found in the Compound
Nonpolar molecules have... No negative or positive poles
When Placed in the same container, oil and water do not mix because... Water is polar and oil is nonpolar
Acidic solutions have a pH that is... Less than seven
What is the following is not organic macromolecule carbohydrates ice lipids nucleic acid Ice
Which of the following organic molecules are classified as carbohydrates amino acids fatty acids nucleotide sugars Sugars
all Organic compounds contain the element... Carbon
Polysaccharides are... Carbohydrates
Lipids are... Nonpolar molecules
Long chains of amino acids are found in... Proteins
Which of the following is not a lipid saturated fat, starch, cholesterol, earwax Starch
Lipids are soluble in... oil
Which of the following organic molecules are most closely related to lipids amino acids,fatty acids,nucleotide,sugars Fatty acids
Liquid fats called oils contain... mostly unsaturated fatty acids
The shape of the protein is primarily determined by... the shape and sequence of amino acids
The two types of nucleic acids are... DNA and RNA
DNA stores... Heredity information
Reducing activation energy... is accomplished by the action of catalysts on reactants
A Cell contains... Thousands of different kinds of enzymes each promoting a different chemical reaction
The digestive enzyme pepsin works with hydrochloric acid to break down proteins in the stomach. pepsin probably works best in a PH of... 3
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