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LPN to RN Transition

Chapter 1

Nursing is a profession focused on assisting individuals, families & communities to ______, ________ & _________ optimum health & function from _________ to ________ _________. Attain, recover, maintain, birth to old age
Nursing is a blend of __________ & __________. Science & art
The science of nursing is the ____________ base for the care that is given & the art of nursing is the _____________ ____________ of that knowledge to help others achieve ____________ health & ___________ of life. knowledge, skilled application, maximum, quality
Animism was a theory based on the __________ that everything in nature was __________ with ___________ forces & __________ with power. Good spirits brought _________ evil spirits brought _________ & __________. belief, alive, invisible, health, sickness & death
In early civilization the nurse was the __________ who cared for her family during sickness by providing ___________ __________ & __________ remedies. Physical care, herbal
As greek civilizations grew, ________ became the centers of medical care because of the belief that illness was caused by _____ & the __________ displeasure. temples, sin, gods
In early Christian period woman called ___________ made the first organized visits to sick people & members of male religious orders gave ____________ __________ & _____ the dead. deaconesses, nursing care, buried
At the beginning of the 16th century, many _________ societies shifted from a religious orientation to an emphasis on _______, _______ & __________ of knowledge. western, warfare, exploration, expansion
The outbreak of the ___________ war & a request by the ___________ to organize nursing care for a military hospital in _________ gave Nightingale an opportunity for achievement. Crimean, British, Turkey
Florence Nightingales Contributions include - recognizing 2 components of nursing: _________ & __________. Believing that nursing is ___________ & ____________ from medicine & maintain accurate records, recognized as beginning of ___________ __________. health & illness, separate & distinct, nursing research
Schools of nursing, founded in connection with hospitals were established on the beliefs of _________________, but the training was based more on _______________ than on _______________ principles. Nightingale, apprenticeship, educational
As students & as graduates female nurses were under the control of male hospital _____________ & ____________. Administrators & physicians
Increased emphasis on nursing knowledge as the base for ________-_________ ______________ has led to the growth of nursing as a professional discipline. Evidence based practice (EBP)
The word nurse originated from the Latin word __________ meaning "______ __________". nutrix, to nourish
The knowledge base for nursing practice includes ________________, ____________, & ____________ of outcomes from an established plan of care. diagnosis, interventions & evaluation
The central focus in all definitions of nursing is the ____________. Which includes the _____________, ____________, ___________ & ______________ dimensions of that person. patient, physical, emotional, social & spiritual
Nursing's concepts & definitions have expanded to include the ____________ of ____________ & the ___________ & ______________ of health for individuals, families, & their communities. prevention of illness, promotion & maintenance
Who is the founder of nursing? Florence Nightingale
Which nurse & abolitionist was active in the underground railroad before joining the Union Army during the Civil Warm Harriet Tubman
Who was the founder of public health nursing & established a neighborhood nursing service for the sick poor of the lower east side in New York. Lillian Wald
Who was the founder of planned parenthood? Margaret Sanger
Which nurse established the American Red Cross & served as supervisor of nurses for the Army of James? Clara Barton
Four broad aims of nursing practice are to promote ___________, to prevent ____________, to restore ___________ & to facilitate coping with ____________ or ____________. health, illness, health, disability or death
To meet the four aims of nursing the nurse uses what four blended competencies? Cognitive, technical, interpersonal & ethical/legal
The primary role of the nurse is the role of the _______________. Caregiver
Health is a state of optimal ________________ or ________-__________. Health, well-being
Ones health includes _____________, _____________ & ____________ components and is not merely the absence of __________ or ____________. physical, social, & mental, disease or infirmity
An active state of being healthy by living a lifestyle that promotes good physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health is ___________. Wellness
Health promotion is motivated by the desire to increase a persons ________-_____________ & __________ potential. well-being, health
Genetic inheritance, cognitive abilities, educational level, race & ethnicity, culture, age & gender, developmental level, lifestyle, environment & socioeconomic status are all factors that what? Affect a persons level of health that can be interrelated
The ability of patients to obtain, process, & understand the basic information needed to make appropriate decisions about health is called ______________ _______________. Health literacy
Four guidelines that are focused on meeting four overarching goals are ( AACP) ______, _____________, ______________, ___________. Attain, Achieve, Create, Promote
The anticipatory action taken to prevent the occurrence of an event or to minimize its effects after it occurs is called ______________. Prevention
The objectives of illness-prevention activities are to __________ the risk for __________, to promote good ____________ ___________, & to maintain _____________ functioning. reduce, illness, health habits, optimal
Nursing is guided by standards set by ________________ ______________ & an established _________ of ___________. professional organizations, code of ethics
The legal authority to practice as a nursing professional is called _________________. Licensure
What are the two levels of graduate education in nursing? Masters & doctoral
The first international organization of professional woman was the ICN _____________ ________________ of ______________. International council of nurses
Which organization established in 1952, objective is to foster the development & improvement of all nursing services & nursing education NLN (National League of Nursing)
What organization founded in the late 1800's primary mission is to be involved in public education, clinical nursing standards, & lobbying state & federal lawmakers to advance the profession of nursing? ANA (American Nurses Association)
The national voice for baccalaureate & higher degree nursing education programs is the what? AACN (American Association of Colleges of Nursing)
Standards of nursing practice allow nurses to carry out professional roles, serving as protection for the __________, _____________, & the _______________ where health is provided. nurse, patient, & institution
Laws that are established in each state in the United States to regulate the practice of nursing is called the _____________ __________ ___________. Nurse practice acts
What allows a nurse to apply for & be endorsed as a registered nurse by another state? Reciprocity
What are the five essential activities involved in the nursing process? (Hint: ADPIE) Assessing, diagnosing, planning, implementing, & evaluating
A growing population of hospitalized patients who are older & more acutely ill, increasing health care cost & the need to stay current with rapid advances in medical knowledge & technology are classified as what by the NACNEP? Critical challenges to nursing practice in the 21st century
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