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CNA Quiz #1

Quadraplegia Paralysis from the neck down.
PPE Personal Protective Equipment Gown Goggles Gloves Mask
Hemiplegia Paralysis of one side of the body.
Hemiparesis Weakness of one side of the body.
Paraplegia Paralysis in both legs and lower trunk.
Body Alignment Posture
Body Mechanics Using the body efficiently and safely
Fowlers Position Semi-sitting position HOB is elevated 45-60 degrees
Friction Rubbing of one surface against another
Gait Belt-Transfer Belt Used when walking or transferring a patient
Lateral Position Side lying position
Logrolling Turning the person as a unit in the alignment with one motion
Shearing BioHazard SpillWhen skin sticks to a surface and the muscles and tissue slide in the direction the body is moving
Sims position A side lying position in which the upper leg is sharply flexed so that it is not on the lower leg and the lower arm is behind the person
supine position The back-lying or dorsal recumbent position
DNR Do Not Resuscitate
RACE Rescue/Alarm/Confine/Extinguish or Evacuate
PASS Pull/Aim/Squeeze/Sweep
Safe Environment Water Safety/Electrical Safety/Report Faulty Equip./No Smoking sign-Oxygen/Bed low & locked/Lock wc when transferring/Maintenance must check all electrical equip.
Good CNA Qualities Honest/Reliable/Dependable/Organized/Accepts assignments w/pleasure
Elder Abuse/5 Physical Abuse-Financial-Neglect-Emotional-Abandonment
Atrophy A decrease in size or wasting away of tissue
contracture The abnormal shortening of a muscle
dorsiflexion Bending backward
Ulcer stage 1 Skin is intact. There is usually redness over a bony prominence
Ulcer stage 2 Partial thickness skin loss. The wound may involve a blister or shallow ulcer
Ulcer stage 3 Full thickness skin loss. The skin is gone. Fat is expossed and the tissue is shedding
ulcer stage 4 Full thickness tissue loss with muscle,tendon,and bone exposure.
Unstageable Ulcer Full thickness tissue loss with the ulcer covered by slough and or eschar. Slough is yellow, tan, grey, green, or brown.
extension straightening of a body part
external rotation turning the joint outward
flexion bending a body part
Infection Control= Hand Hygiene/ hand washing and hand sanitizing
Asepsis Preventing Infection
footdrop plantar flexion
6 Critical Care Elements 1.Knock at door 2.Introduce yourself 3.Explain why you are in room 4. Identify you patient 5. Provide Privacy 6. Hand Hygiene
ROM range of motion. The movement of a joint to the extent possible without causing pain
aphasia the inability to speak
metastasis spread of cancer to other parts of the body
stroke a cerebral vascular accident(CVA). Blood supply to a part of the brain is suddenly interrupted
tumor a new growth of cells
ADL activities of daily living
A&Ox3 alert and oriented x's person, place and time
HOH hard of hearing
Prn when necessary
QD everyday
QOD every other day
SOB shortness of breath
HS hours of sleep
Nutrients Protein, Fats, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Minerals
Mechanical Soft Semisolid foods with ground meats
clear liquids water, tea, broth, sodas, jello-clear, fruit juices,
Dysphagia trouble swallowing
Normal aging skin looses laticity, hair turns gray, loose muscle mass, person gets shorter
factors affecting eating age,culture, religion, appetite
conversion ounces to cc's 1oz=30cc's
oral mouth
rectum butt
axilla underarm
carotid pulse neck
brachial pulse forearm
radial pulse wrist
COPD chronic bronchitis, Emphysema, Astma, Pneumonia
hypoglycemia SYMPTOMS:Hunger,Fatigue, weakness, sweating,headache,low BP,rapid pulse
hyperglycemia weakness,drowsiness,thirst,dry mouth,hunger,BP low, coma
HBV Liver disease, contagious through blood
ombudsman Resident or family member
Tachacardia low BP
Brachacardia high BP
normal oral temperature 98.6
normal axillary temperature 97.6
normal rectal temperature 99.6
MI heart attack
Created by: dolores26