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voc II fr "Night" bk

Vocab for Section Three Pages27-43 of the book "Night"

wise persons; mentors sages
not possessing;depleted; without devoid
spectacle for one eye monocle
incessantly; not letting up unremittingly
humankind; the human race humanity
in the form of a beast; inhuman; brutal bestial
clearness of thought; clairvoyance lucidity
state of being completely forgotten or unknown oblivion
gown-like outer garment, either loose or close-fitting tunic
judgment; settlement of accounts reckoning
burdensome; very uncomfortable oppressive
scolded violently; attacked verbally harangued
affected with leprosy leprous
recovering from illness convalescent
sudden violent outburst of pain in the abdomen or bowels colic
a blow, especially with the fist clout
painful regret; compassion remorse
state of dreamy meditation; daydream reverie
a sign or notice placard
required;mandatory; obligatory compulsory
gather; collect muster
allowance of food; provisions ration
withered; shriveled wizened
two weeks; 14 days and nights fortnight
solidifying; coagulating; jelling congealing
not giving in; unyielding relentlessly
actions that flatter or entice blandishments
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