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NC #6


Roles and Responsibilities of the LPN Participate in continuing education activities to remain current with skills and knowledge, practice under the legal guidelines of the Oklahoma board of nursing rules and regulations
Know responsibilities of the student LPN Same as the Licensed LPN
who was known as the "Lady of the Lamp"? Florence Nightengale
Know consequences of a nursing student with a felony you may not be able to test for the board of nursing
know cultural considerations while giving nursing care respect the unique beliefs, styles, and traditions of all families, work effectively to solve health care issues within a family/cultural content,accommodate culturally diverse, behave in ways that coomunicate respect and concern
who rights the guidelines for practice for LPN's in the state of Oklahoma? The Nurse Practice Act
What specific document outlines the roles and responsibilities of the LPN? The Nurse Practice Act
NFLPN official agency that exist exclusively for the LPN membership and promotes standards of the LPN
NLN National league for nursing promotes excellence in nursing education to build a strong and diverse nursing workforce to advance the health of our nation and the global community
ANA American Nurses Association advances high standards of nursing practice, promoting safe and ethical work environment, health and wellness of nurses, and advocates health care issues that affect nurses and the public
What is the organization for student in health occupations Education? HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America
What are the Consequences of breaking the rules and guidelines as a practicing LPN? May lead to dismissal from practice and lead to actions by the state board of nursing
A newly LPN may practice under the supervision of? Physician, RN, or dentist
The purpose of licensing laws for the LPN is? to protect the public from unqualified people
Caring Process Provide compassionate/ respectful support
Scope of Practice Fulfill your legal obligation by functioning within the define limits outlined in the nurse practice act
Delegation Practical nurses may assign the responsibilities of certain task to unlicensed personnel under certain conditions
Advocacy Act in the best interest of the client, protect, defend, and support the clients rights. Recognize the clients as more than a illness.
Created by: Kylee_cheyenne