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voc I fr "Night" bk

Sections One-Two From the book "Night" 20 words

burdened; impeded; restricted encumbered
small wagons or carts lorries
engagements; promises to marry betrothals
housed; quartered ; lodged billeted
short humorous or interesting stories anecdotes
driven out; forced to leave expelled
a decree of proclamation edict
took back; withdrew; canceled revoked
backpacks;canvas,nylon,or leather bags for carrying supplies knapsacks
melted;liquefied by heat molten
billy clubs; heavy sticks truncheons
abstaining from foods as a religious discipline fasting
countrymen; native inhabitants; colleagues compatriots
mockery; ridiculous sham farce
inclined; having a certain dispostion disposed
to strip of money or goods by open violence; plunder pillage
fleet; group of vehicles convoy
harmful,destructive, or evil pestilential
offensive smell or odor; stink stench
detestable; extremely unpleasant abominable