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EBR EMS Prefixes and Suffixes part 1

adip fat; adipose tissue
aer air; aerobic respiration
ana up; anabolism
an without; anaerobic respiration
append to hang something; appendicular
bio life; biochemisty
cardi heart; percardium
cata down; catabolism
cerebr brain; cerebrum
chondr cartilage; chondrocyte
co with; coenzyme
cran helmet; cranial
-cyt cell
cyt cell; cytoplasm
de undoing; demylinating, dehydration
di two; disaccharide
dors back; dorsal
endo within; endoplasmic reticulum
epi upon, after, in addition; epithilial tissue
-glia glue; neuroglia
glyc sweet; glycogen
hist web; tissue; histology
homeo same; homeostasis
hyal resembelance to glass; hyaline cartilage
hyper above; hypertonic
hypo below; hypotonic
inter among, between; intercalated disc
inter between; interphase, intercellular
iso equal; isotope, isotonic
lip fat; lipids
-logy the study of; physiology
lys to break up; lysosome
-lyt dissolvable; electrolyte
macr large; macrophage
meta change; metabolism
mit thread; mitosis
mono one; monsaccaharide
mut change; mutation
nas nose; nasal
neur nerve; neuron
nucle kernal; nucleus
orb circle; orbital
os bone; osseous tissue
pariet wall; parietal membrane
phag to eat; phagocytosis
pino to drink; pinocytosis
pleur rib; pleural membrane
poly many; polysaturated
pro before; prophase
psuedo false; psuedoostratified epithelium
sacchar sugar; monosaccaride
som body; ribosome
squam scale; squamous epithelium
-stasis standing still; homeostasis
strat layer; stratified epithelium
-strat spread out; substrate
stria groove; striated muscle
sub under; subcutaneous
super above; superior
syn together-synthesis
-tomy cutting; anatomy
-valent having power; covalent bond
vesic bladder, vesicle
-zym causing to ferment; enzyme
Created by: hjkruse