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NC #5

Concepts Of Health and Wellness

Non- Traditional Therapies Combination of complementary and alternative treatment, Closely watched by CAM
Complementary Therapy Therapies used in additional to conventional treatment recommended by a persons health care provider
Alternative Therapy May include some interventions as complementary therapies, but frequently become the primary treatment
What is the leading cause of death in 2004? Heart Disease
Alternative Modalities Traditional Chinese medicine, Acupuncture, homeopathy or naturpathy, mind body interventions, yoga, biological based , manipulated and body based, and energy therapies
Examples to promote a healthy lifestyle Immunizations, vision,speech,and hearing test, cholesterol and colon cancer screenings, breast exams, dental cleanings and fluoride treatment
Examples of how culture influences ones health benefits Influences when and if the client accesses health care
Identify the best way for a nurse to learn about ones culture Library and web internet
Guidelines for healthy people 2010.... Physical activity, overweight and obesity, tobacco use,substance abuse, responsible sexual behavior, mental health, injury and violance
Identify ways to counteract the effects of aging alcohol, smoking, diet
Holistic Examples using herbs and other natural remedies to maintain balance
Biomedical life is regulated by biomedical and physical processes, treatment focuses on the use of physical and chemical treatments
Folk Health Belief Classifies illness and disease as natural or unnatural, treatment done by carrying out vitals repentance or going into the supernatural forces wishes.
Identify what the National Center For Complementary and Alternative Medicine does Investigates non traditional treatment methods and facilitates the evaluation of alternative medical treatmeent
Non-modifiable Behaviors or factors you cannot control or eliminate such as age, gender, family history
Modifiable Behavior or Factors you can control or eliminate such as exercise, diet, stress, tobacco,alcohol, weight, blood pressure, etc.
Positive Effect of stress Encourages productivity to accomplish
Negative effect of stress depression, sickness, anxiety
Acute illness change occurs suddenly and can be solved in a short period of time ( flu, cold, fever, etc.)
Chronic illness Occurs over a long period of time
Terminal no cure is available or treatment
Health maintance it is the patients own decision
Nutrients a chemical compound or element found in food that is necessary for good health, supply by variety of food in different combinations
Nutrition is important for.... health maintenance, diet modified regularly or meet needs, eating is a social act
Biofeedback treatment designed to help control involuntary nervous system, such as heart rate, blood pressure, pulse and muscle contractions
Therapeutic massage most common CAM therapy
Aromatherapy uses pure essential oils, produce from plants, to provide health benefits, can be inhaled or applied topically
Reflexology apply pressure to parts of the foot
Christian Science do not normally seek medical care, approach health care in a primarily spiritual framework
food habits in cultural..... availability, food taste, economic and distribution, symbolic meanings attached to certain foods
Clients with strong family support.... respond more quickly to treatment and tend to remain healthier
Disease identifiable process that cause a change in body functions that shortens their lifespan or reduces the capabilities
Internal influences Biological, psycho social, mental and spiritual health components
external influences environmental and cultural influences, work and recreational outlets
Taste Food preferences are based on genetic programming
Self awareness Sensitivity to and consciousness of the self ad a separate complete entity consist of personal thoughts, feelings, needs and desires
Self care set of personal decisions and behaviors is based on a genuine desire for restoring, maintaining or improving ones health
Created by: Kylee_cheyenne