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EH11 Vocab 1

Vocabulary List 1

TermDefinitionpart of speech
factious causing disagreement adj
ignoble dishonorable, shameful, of low character, mean adj
boor rude or impolite, unmannerly person m
aegis a shield, protection, support m
perspicacity keenness of judgement, keenness of mental perception m
fervent eager, earnest, having or showing great warmth or intensity of spirit, enthusiasm adj
rectify to correct or make right, remedy v
enervated to weaken, to deprive of force or strength v
bessiege to overwhelm, to surround and attack v
ephemeral lasting only a brief time, short-lived, transitory adj
altruism a concern for others, generosity, the principle or practice of unselfish concern for the welfare of others n
carrion decaying flesh, dead and putrefying flesh, rottenness n
erotic pertaining to sexual love, arousing or satisfying sexual desire adj
amorphous shapeless, formless, vague, lacking definite form adj
opulence rich, luxurious, wealthy, abundance adj
Created by: imhangen