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Week I

Week I Vocabulary

forma formae f. form, shape, beauty
fortuna fortunae f. fortune, luck
ira irae f. ire, anger
nauta nautae m. sailor
patria patriae f. fatherland, native land
pecunia pecuniae f. money
philosophia philosophiae f. philosophy
poena poenae f. penalty, punishment
poeta poetae m. poet
porta portae f. gate, entrance
puella puellae f. girl
rosa rosae f. rose
amo amare amavi, amatum to love, like
cogito cogitare cogitavi, cogitatum to think, ponder, consider, plan
debeo debere debui, debitum to owe, ought, must, should
do dare dedi, datum to give, offer
erro errare erravi, erratum to wander, err, go astray
laudo laudare laudavi, laudatum to praise
antiquus, a, um antiqua antiquum ancient, old-time
magnus, a, um magna magnum large, great, important
meus, a, um mea meum my
multus, a, um multa multum much, many
tuus, a, um tua tuum your
avarus, a, um avara avarum greedy, avaricious
pauci, ae, a paucae pauca few
parvus, a, um parva parvum small, little
stultus, a, um stulta stultum foolish
verus, a, um vera verum true, real, proper
liber libera liberum free
noster nostra nostrum our, ours
pulcher pulchra pulchrum beautiful, handsome, fine
sanus, a, um sana sanum sound, healthy, sane
nihil nihil n. nothing
fama famae f. rumor, report, fame, reputation
Created by: OULATIN1115