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NC #3

Concepts Of Teamwork

Record Keepers Document team discussions and decisions
Adjoining Team members may leave or team may disband when task are completed
Forming Honeymoon periods after initial introduction of team members, during which all members are on "best behavior"
Skeptics are critical thinkers able to consider multiple problems and perspective
Norming team begins to function as such and members agree to abide by ground rules
Leaders are responsible for ensuring goals are met in an appropriate time frame and all team members participate in the process
Storming Overt tension, the honeymoon is over and reality sets in
Experts Each team member brings unique qualities that will benefit the whole team
Performing the team preforms well and efficiently
Facilitators In many teams, an outside person can assist understanding between team members, seek truth, and help maintain team camaraderie
Collaborative Response this supportive response centers on understanding the various perspectives of those in the group in clear, observable terms
Intrateam conflict that creates significant division in the team, so that members must choose sides
Interpersonal conflict occurs between two individuals, usually two team members
Accommodating response this constructive response can clear up misunderstandings, provide objective information and support work towards compromise
Relationships Determine the importance of people involved and the influence they have and that others related to them have
Tigger or Snoopy Your a sensational-seeker and socially-oriented
Inter-team conflict system conflict between health providers,teams, agencies or organizations
Coercive response this aggressive response is overpowering and is used to support differences of opinions or ideas
Effective Leader someone who leads by example
"five rights" of delegation task,circumstance, person, direction/communication, supervision
Intrapersonal conflict within the individual can cause great distress, but is not felt by other team members
factors of conflict motivations, personality, differences, emotions
Depersonalize don't take things personally
Listen Be an effective listener
Reflect give the person or group time to digest the information
communicate involve the other person or the entire team
Compromise working with other people often requires compromise
Resolve Its time to act, to solve the problem in the agreed- upon manner
Created by: Kylee_cheyenne