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CY LAkes South Asia

cylakes South Asia

the region of South Asia is considered a subcontinent
Mt Everest is teh tallest mountain peak in what South Asian range? Himalaya Mts
a storm that causes severe damage is a storm surge
alluvial plains collect soil deposits when rivers flood over the river banks
the Ganges River is known for these three things High levels of pollutionsacred river to Hindusmain water source for the Indo-Gangetic plain
what is respoonsible for the formation of the Indian subcontinent tectonic forces
winter monsoons=summer monsoons= =dry=rain
why have Indian cities grown trade routestransportation centerswater resources
timber resources in India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka are being threatened by acid raindeforestationslash and burn
what casued the formation of the Himalaya Mountains plate tectonic
what is the religion of most of the people in South Asia Hinduism
the ganges river does what for the believer washes away sin and cleanses the soil
the three results of India's Large population are underdeveloped infrastructure, polluted water and deforestation
mica and iron in South Asia led to what industries steel and computer industry
which region is involved in a conflict between Pakistan and India Kashmir
why is the problem in Kashmir an international concern nuclear weapons in both countries
the belief that the present condition of a person's life is teh result if what a person did in his previous life decribes the concept of Karma
why does Pakistan claim the US are to blame for terrorists groups the CIA trained rebels in Afghanistan to fight the Soviets
which south Asia religions believe in reincarnation Hinduism and Buddhism
What was the effect of the partitioning of India and Pakistan by the British in 1947? Muslims fled to Pakistan from India
The Hindu Caste system is a social and political institution that does what for Indian Society Gives a place for all people and is used to discriminate and provides rules for each caste
What is teh main factor for droughts and floods in South ASia monsoons
Gandhi's civil rights movement is based on nonviolent resistance
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