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Psych People

Historical psychologists

Wilhelm Wundt father of psychology; first psychology lab; trained in introspection
William James publish the first science textbook: "The Principles of Psychology"; established the theory of functionalism
Max Wertheimer Gestalt psychologist; tried to examine a person's experience as a whole
Sigmund Freud believe the unconscious mind controls how we think and act; used psychoanalytic therapy
Margaret Floy Washburn first woman to earn a Ph.D. in psychology
John Watson though psychology should be limited to what we can see; wanted to establish behaivoralism; Little Albert guy
Ivan Pavlov led to the development of the classical conditioning model of learning by experimenting with dogs
B.F. Skinner expanded idea of behaivoralism to include reinforcement and punishment
Mary Whiton Calkins first female president of the APA
G. Stanley Hall founder and first president of the APA; first American psychology lab and journal
Abraham Maslow and Carl Rodgers humanists
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