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Latin Review 3

Latin review packet 3

vacillation movement
ossification bone growth
putative supposed
legation diplomatic mission
querimonious complaining
proprietary owned privately
fiduciary held in trust
centripetal moving toward center
pecuniary relating to money
extralegal illegal
dubiety doubt
approbation praise, approval
impecunious poor
indubitable unquestionable
abnegation self-denial
expropriate deprive of possession
litigious tending to engage in lawsuits
referendum direct popular vote
stricture restraint
mercantile relating to trade
absolve expunge
impetus impulse
compunction guilt
abrogate abolish
conscription draft
allege affirm
mercurial shrewdness, swift
predilection preference
punctilious precise
opprobrium disgrace
jurisprudence science of law
renege fail
perquisite gratuity
oracular obscure or prophetic
peculation embezzlement
perfidy deliberate breach of faith
peroration conclusion of speech or argument
impropriety improper
impugn attack as false
lucre/lectern money or profit
orison prayer
reprobate no hope of salvation
deprecate disapproval
prerogative exclusive right to superiority
imprecation curse
Created by: c3792904