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NRTC Med Term

med terminology 2016

A/an without
ab away from
ad toward
ante before
Anti against
Contra opposed/against
dys difficult/bad/painful
endo within/inner
epi upon
ex outside
hemi half
hypo under
hyper above
inter between
intra within
meso middle
peri around
poly many
post after
pre before
semi half
sub below
super/supra above
trans across
Tachy rapid
adeno gland
algia pain
cyte cell
ectomy removal of
itis inflammation
ology study of
oma tumor
penia deficiency of
pathy disease/condition
phobia fear of
pnea breathing
plasty surgical shaping
plegia paralysis
scope instrument for
scopy act of examining
stomy surgical opening
artho joint
bio life
brady slow
broncho respiratory
cardio heart
costal rib
cranio skull
caput head
cephalo head
cysto bladder or sac
encephalo brain
entero intestine
erythro red
gastro stomach
hemo blood
hepato liver
hydro water
leuko white
lip fat
litho stone
multi many
neuro nerve
opthalmo eye
oro/ora mouth
osteo bone
photo light
pneumo air
rhino nose
soma body
stoma artificial opening
thoraco chest
ventro anterior
phagia eating
frontal forehead
nasal nose
oral mouth
axillary arm pit
brachial upper arm
antecubital front of elbow
carpal wrist
digital fingers
tarsal ankles
pedal feet
cephalic head
orbital around the eye
buccal cheek
cervical neck
sternal mid-chest
pectoral chest
inguinal groin
otic ears
occipital back of head
lumbar low back
sacral "tail bone"
perineal genitals
popliteal back of knee
calcaneal heel of foot
plantar sole of the feet
Created by: kleer
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