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Chapter 8 Mexico

Mexico PAMS Grade 6 Geography Chapter 8

what the Rio Bravo is called in the US Rio Grande
a serious issue, particularly in the dry north, where there is not much water water scarcity
underlines much of the Yucatan Peninsula limestone
the most valuable part of Mexico's mining industry silver
how high above sea level something is elevation
the capital of Mexico Mexico City
Mexico's most important energy resource petroleum
rugged celtral region of Mexico called the Mexican Plateau central plateau
a long narrow peninsula that extends south from Mexico's morthwestern border with the united states Baja California
people who lived along the humid southern coast of the Gulf of Mexico Olmec
helps us understand Mayan civilization Mayan writing
capital of the Aztec area on an island in a lake in the Valley of Mexico Tenochtitlan
the most important factor in the Spanish conquest disease
began moving into central Mexico from the north about AD 1200 Aztecs
people of mixed European and Indian ancestry mestizos
began a revolt against Spanish rule in 1810, a catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla
one major indicator of a person's ethnic identity language
Mexico's government includes this and an elected President congress
a rise in prices inflation
farming, long been an important part of the Medxican economy agriculture
produced primarily to sell, rather than for the farmer to eat cash crops
a mixture of smoke, chemicals, and fog smog
Mexico's most important energy resource and Mexdico has the world's eighth largest crude _____ reserves oil
factories located along the northern border of Mexico that are often foreign-owned maquiladoras
an area of forest is burned to clear it for planting slash-and-burn agriculture
conquerors conquistadors
a widespread outbreak epidemic
raised-field version of agriculture in the swampy lakes of Mexico chinampas
people of mixed European and African anscestry mulattoes
Indians owned and worked this land in groups ejidos
huge expanses of farmlands haciendas
church outposts missions
city near the northeastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula Merida
city in northwestern Mexico by the border that commects to San Diego, CA, USA Tijuana
major industrial center in northeastern Mexico Monterrey
Most of Northern Mexico is _____. arid
What is the Capital of Mexico? Mexico City
Baja California seperates the Gulf of California from the ______. Pacific Ocean
Since the 1980s Mexico has wrestled with debts to foreign banks, high unemployment, and __________. inflation
Only __ percent of the land in Mexico can grow crops. 12
The population in the forested coastal plains between Tampico and Campeche has grown as ___ production there has increased. oil
Many foreign-owned factories, known as ____________, are located in northern Mexico. maquiladoras
In the Yucatan Peninsula, some farmers clear areas of forest using a practice that is known as ______________ agriculture. slash-and-burn
What year did Texas break away in? 1856
What year did the Spanish complete the conquest of the Aztecs? 1521
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