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Herbology 1

Herbal properties

angelica Most popular herb used by midwives for retained placenta.
blue cohosh Common uterine stimulant used for prolonged or delayed labor.
catnip Used for stomach ache and fever, especially for children; calms preterm labor.
cramp bark Uterine relaxant often used for preterm labor and afterbirth pains.
false unicorn Prevents miscarriage & infertility; tones, invigorates, and heals reproductive organs of both sexes.
yellow dock Blood cleanser & builder, lymph cleanser, good for skin, reduces hemorrhage.
pennyroyal Facilitates labor and alleviates menstrual cramps & tension; oil is toxic.
squawvine Pregnancy tonic of North America that tones & nourishes the uterus, balances hormones, aids infertility.
yarrow Stops bleeding and inflammation; flower also used for fever, colds & flu.
arnica Used externally or homeopathically for bruises, achy muscles, and pain.
blessed thistle Increases and enriches mother’s milk, is a liver tonic and digestive aid.
cayenne A stimulant, good for shock, sore throats and bleeding, high in vitamin C.
comfrey Cell proliferant; heals sprains, wounds, broken bones.
ginger Used for nausea, digestive problems, colds; is a warming stimulant.
motherwort Used for delayed menstruation, cramps, PMS, heart tonic, facilitates childbirth.
red raspberry Prime female organ & pregnancy tonic, morning sickness, afterbirth recovery, stomach problems.
uva ursi Urinary tract antiseptic, used for cystitis.
black cohosh Promotes regular contractions and is a uterine and cervix relaxant; high in estrogenic precursors.
calendula Often used in liniments, salves & ointments for skin and tissue healing.
chickweed Relieves itching, dissolves plaque in vessels and fatty tumors.
dandelion Liver tonic, blood purifier & builder, leaves are a safe diuretic, nutritive.
lemon balm Mild, pleasant tea effective for calming, headache, allergies, depression, insomnia.
nettles High in iron, calcium & other nutrients, in pregnancy tea, galactogogue, kidney tonic
shepherd’s purse Used for childbirth hemorrhage and nosebleeds; must be made from fresh herbs.
vitex (chaste berry) Stimulates pituitary, regulates hormones, galactogogue, PMS, infertility, birth, menopause
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