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Society and Environm

Society and Environment

How much percent of energy has the ocean stored in the climate system? 93%
Global surface temperature is likely to exceed ? 1.5 degrees
sea level rise? between 26 and 82cm
Greenlands ice sheets contain how much of global level sea rise ? 7m
Concentrations of atmospheric green house gases in 2011 ? exceeded that of nay in the last 800,000 years recorded
How long is the lasting effect of burning fossil fuels ? 100,000 years
What is a measure of green house gases ? The carbon dioxide equivalent
Agriculture in NZ contributes to how much of our total emissions ? 50%
What are the three states of water ? solid, liquid, vapour
What percent of the worlds water is fresh ? 2.5%
What percent of the worlds water is in liquid form ? 30%
What was water being used for in the Aral Sea ? Extensive cotton cropping by 2007 reduced to 10% of actual size
What percentage of deaths does malaria count for in SSA ? 80%
What did thomas malthus write in 1798 ? Pessimistic essay about population growing more rapidly than food supply
What is Esther Boserups belief ? That populations adapt to their new environment can lead to innovation
What is tuvalu threatened by ? Sea level rise leads to migration
What is the internationally accepted increase in temperature limit ? two degrees
What does marsden point produce ? 70% of NZ refined oil
What is the goal by 2025 ? To increase renewable energy to 90%
What is the largest energy consumer in NZ ? transport
What is the idea behind a biosphere ? Have people living within an environment to uphold and ecological harmony with species in wetlands
How many biospheres does NZ have? None
What are procedural rights ? participating in decision making, acquiring information and accessing justice
What are substantive rights ? Life, personal freedom, health
Examples of conservation and restoration planning in NZ ? fenced ecosanctury, ark in the park
What percentage of bird species have become extinct ? 18%
What does the sun do? Warms oceans and drives hydrology
What is plate motion driven by? earths internal heat
How often are there major earthquakes ? 200-300 years
What area of land did the taupo eruption of 1886 destroy ? 20,000km
what percent of delta region shave experienced severe flooding ? 83%
What is risk managed by? The probability of loss
What is the mercalli scale ? used for earthquakes measures from not felt at all to total destruction
What is Isoseismal Based around reports from all over the country
Haiti earthquake poor building structure, 230,000 deaths displaced 1.3 million
Chile earthquake more intense earthquake than haiti better building structures
Christchurch earthquake 172 deaths in 2011 damaged unstable buildings
What is macrozoning ? determines levels of hazards in regional varitations
What is microzoning ? predicting intensification of shaking due to ground response
Important food quote "food from nowhere produced anywhere"
Where was the first agricultural approach to farming ? British high farming creating a scientific approach
What was the green revolution ? International campaign to increase productivity of the land hybrid research
What were hybrid seeds introduced for? Have ideal characteristics, designed to alleviate world hunger
What did rachel carson establish? link between pesticides and declining bird population
What did vandan shiva argue ? green revolution further enhances poverty farmers get richer and it reduces biodiversity
What does John McNeill argue? The system has tied us to an rigid un easy bond with modern agriculture
What is mcdonaldization ? Food coming from the same place that looks the same
Why is their variation in the mcdonalds menu ? cultural divergence, cheaper ingredients, hybridization e.g. falafel in israel and curry in india
What are food movements linked to ? globalization, power, economy
what is la Via Campesina push for small to medium sized farmers for small scale sustainable agriculture and social justice, peasant farmers
what is the cyborg manifesto Sees us as cyborgs because we integrate technology so deeply in our lives e.g. cellphones
Changing geographies of health by altering the environment arsenic in groundwater bangladesh, cholera london, guiyu china
Major heatwave in Europe 2003 killed 30,000-70,000 across Europe
What is lymes disease carried by? Ticks which lead to loss of income and productivity
what is the quaternary observes a period of geological time, the holocene is the past 10,000 year the rest is the pleistocene
What is our current climate A typical of the Quaternary A typical of the Quaternary
What is the only constant change itself
What are drivers of global environmental change climate, sea level, relife, land use
how much has the sea level risen since 1990 16cm
How much beach erosion on hokitika beach in 2013 30 meters
What are the options for beach erosion either do nothing or protect
What should development avoid the dynamic zone
what is the worlds largest fresh water source the antarctic ice sheet
what reservoir has the shortest residence time the atmosphere
largest volume of desalinated water produced saudi arabia
what is the primary cause of loss volume in the aral sea river diversion
long trajectories of industrialisation convergence, homogeneity and convergence
vandana shiva means the green revolution is identifying need for new approaches to agricultural science improve production systems
what isnt an example of localisation of global food systems cut cross by reorganising restaurant cooking
what is slow food organization that advocates for greater interest in food consumption, traditions and food politics
how does organic agriculture influence biodiversity variable effects seems to increase biodiversity on large farms
if the earth had no atmosphere the average surface temperature would be -18 degrees
the warming of land and ocean between 1880-2012 caused exclusively by human activity
Thermal expansion led to sea level rise since 1971 by how much 75%
green house gas emission profile in NZ is different because agricultural sector accounts for 50% of our total emissions
WHO defines health as health is a state of complete physical mental and social well being
Disease transmitted from animals to humans vice versa is called zoonosis
EROI means the ratio of energy returned on energy invested
Which is not one of the 3 main aspects of energy cultures framework? eco feedback
Dudley seers said development is about... reducing, poverty, inequality and unemployment
Climate change is linked to out migration in Tanzania
Threshold and factor of safety are terms describing Onset of landslide failure and ratio of forces revisiting vs. driving failure
Landslides are important issues for planners because earth shaking and cracking and a tsunami
1960s landslide in italy caused death of more than 2500 people landslide entered through reservoir producing wave that washed over a dam
Three principles encompassed in treaty of waitangi partnership, protection and participation
What is the coast a dynamic interconnected system
Management option available to cope with coastal erosion managed retreat
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