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电的好处 語詞卡


好处 hǎo chù good points; benefits; advantages
方便 fāng biàn 1.convenience 2.[Informal] to use the toilet or rest-room; to do (one's) duty
漆黑 qī hēi pitch dark; inky black; complete darkness
蜡烛 là zhú a candle
油灯 yóu dēng an oil lamp
改善 gǎi shàn to improve; to better; to mend; to reform; to modify
联络 lián luò to establish contact
舒适 shū shì 1. comfortable; cosy; snug 2. ease
浪费 làng fèi to waste; to consume
雷射 léi shè laser
光线 guāng xiàn light; rays; beams; streams of light
发明 fā míng to invent
惊险 jīng xiǎn alarmingly dangerous; thrilling; adventurous
恐怖 kǒng bù 1. terror; horror 2. terrifying; horrible
复杂 fù zá complicated; complex
麻烦 má fán 1. troublesome; inconvenient 2. to trouble; to bother
减少 jiǎn shǎo to reduce; to decrease; to cut down
用电量 yòng diàn liàng the quantity of electricity usage
Created by: yochen860
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