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Ser / estar be-Was/were-been
Arribar a ser become-became-become
començar begin-began-begun
construir build-built-built
portar bring-brought-brought
trencar break-broke-broken
comprar buy-bought-bought
agafar catch-caught-caught
escollir choose-chose-chosen
venir come-came-come
costar cost-cost-cost
tallar cut-cut-cut
fer do-did-done
dibuixar draw-drew-drawn
beure drink-drank-drunk
conduir drive-drove-driven
menjar eat-ate-eaten
caure fall-fell-fallen
Sentir (sentiment) feel-felt-felt
lluitar fight-fought-fought
trobar find-found-found
volar fly-flew-flown
oblidar forget-forgot-forgotten
donar give-gave-given
anar go-went-gone
tenir have-had-had
escoltar hear-heard-heard
escombrar sweep-swept-swept
nedar swim-swam-swum
ensenyar teach-taught-taught
pensar think-thought-thought
llençar throw-threw-thrown
aprendre learn-learnt-learnt
Estar dret stand-stood-stood
Agafar/ aguantar /abraçar hold-held-held
Portar posat wear-wore-worn
dir say-said-said
veure see-saw-seen
vendre sell-sold-sold
enviar send-sent-sent
seure sit-sat-sat
cantar sing-sang-sung
dormir sleep-slept-slept
parlar speak-spoke-spoken
saber know-knew-known
escriure write-wrote-written
Deixar/marxar leave-left-left
permetre let-let-let
perdre lose-lost-lost
pagar pay-paid-paid
posar put-put-put
llegir read-read-read
muntar ride-rode-ridden
Created by: nuriafsn