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patho pain

patho pain,cancer, c

A patient asks the nurse where nociceptors can be found. How should the nurse respond? One location in which nociceptors can be found is the: Skin
A nurse is discussing an individual’s conditioned or learned approach or avoidance behavior in response to pain. Which system is the nurse describing? Affective-motivational system
A 5-year-old female breaks her leg after falling from a merry-go-round. Which of the following would be released from the midbrain to modulate her pain? Dynorphin
A nurse should document on the chart that chronic pain is occurring when the patient reports the pain has lasted longer than: 3 to 6 months
When planning care for a child in pain, which principle should the nurse remember? The pain threshold in children is _____ that of adults. Lower than
When the nurse is taking a patient’s temperature, which principle should the nurse remember? Regulation of body temperature primarily occurs in the: Hypothalamus
When the nurse is discussing the patient’s cyclical temperature fluctuation occurring on a daily basis, what term should the nurse use? Circadian rhythm
A nurse wants to teach about one of the primary organs responsible for heat production. Which organ should the nurse include? Adrenal gland
Which statement by a patient indicates teaching was successful for heat loss? Heat loss from the body via convection occurs by: Transfer of heat through currents of liquids or gas
For evaporation to function effectively as a means of dissipating excess body heat, which one of the following conditions must be present? Moisture
When a patient has a fever, which of the following thermoregulatory mechanisms is activated? The body’s thermostat is reset to a higher level.
Which finding indicates the patient is having complications from heat stroke? Cerebral edema and degeneration of the CNS
For which patient would the primary care provider order therapeutic hypothermia? A patient with: Reimplantation surgery
During the sleep cycle, when does loss of temperature control occur? REM sleep
A patient asks the nurse how often REM sleep occurs. How should the nurse respond? About every _____ minutes. 90
A patient has increased intraocular pressure. Which diagnosis will the nurse observe on the chart? Glaucoma
Which group of people is most prone to red-green color blindness? Males
A nurse is teaching about the structure that connects the middle ear with the pharynx. Which structure is the nurse describing? Eustachian tube
The most common form of sensorineural hearing loss in the elderly is: Presbycusis
A 15-year-old female is diagnosed with an outer ear infection. Which of the following is most likely to cause this infection? Escherichia coli
The nurse would expect the patient with an alteration in proprioception to experience vertigo which is manifested by: A sensation that the room is spinning
Which system modulates a patient’s perception of pain? Cognitive-evaluative system
Fever of unknown origin (FUO) is characterized by a fever of ____° F or greater 101
Perceptual dominance Pain at one location may cause an increase in the threshold in another location=
Morphinelike neuropeptides
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