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asthma chronic condition. Wheeze. Inflammation of the mucous membranes lining the airways. Increased airway sensitivity.
Leukitriene modifer leukotriene receptor antagonist or leukotrine synthesis inhibitor
asthma rescue med - beta2 agonist (short acting) - Albuterol
asthma control med - beta2 agonist (short acting) - Albuterol,
What is the most effective drug used to tx acute bronchospasm/exercise induced asthma? beta agonist
Leukotriene Modifiers are not appropriate for____and are used for ____. acute attacks; maintenance of asthma
Theophylline is what type of drug and used primarily for what diagnosis? Methylxanthines; COPD
How is theophylline administered? IV/PO. IV given very slowly
What are the most effective antiasthma drugs? Glucocorticoids
What are the uses for glucocorticoids for asthma? to prevent inflammation and to manage chronic asthma
What are the AE of inhaled glucocorticoids?how can they be minimized? oropharyngeal candidiasis, dysphonia; rinse mouth out after tx and use a spacer
Name 5 nursing interventions that help the client with bronchitis. baseline ABGs, lowest FIO2 possible to prevent Co2 retention, monitor for fluid overload, maintain Po2 between 55 and 60, Teach pursed lip breathing and diaphragmatic breathing, teach tripod position
Describe the pathophysiological changes experienced by the client with emphysema (5). reduced gas exchange surface area, increased air trapping, increased AP diameter, decreased capillary network, increase work of breathing/O2 consumption
What does the laryngopharynx do? passage for breathing and eating. Tonsils and adenoids are located here
what prevents food from falling into the trachea? epiglottis
where does oxygen/CO2 exchange take place? alveolar capillary membrane
What kind of blood does the pulmonary vein carry from the lungs oxygenated
Treatment for respiratory alkalosis measures to slow resp rate, breathing into paper bag, sedation
Asthma affects only the airways, not the alveoli
what type of info is given by a pulse oximetry? oxygen content in hemoglobin
Positive Mantoux skin test infection or exposure of TB
Fluroscopy the thoracic cavity with all its contents in motion
Bronchoscopy. What do you tell them about food and fluids? NPO 6h prior to the procedure
Complications of bronchoscopy? Hypotension, broncospasms, bradycardia, pneumothorax, aspirtation, hypoxemia, bleeding, dysrythmias
Postop care of bronchoscopy? NPO until gag reflex is back, semi-fowlers position, hemoptysis, stridor, decreased or asymmetric chest movement, diminished lung sounds. May be blood in sputum bc of throat irritation
Nursing intervention to prevent atleltasis deep breathing/coughing this aids in lung expansion and expectoration of respiratory secretions.
Lip pursed lip breathing promotes Carbon dioxide elimination. Inhibits airway collapse and decrease dyspnea in pt with chronic lung diease
What can pt use postop to prevent atelectasis? Incentive spirometer
What helps patients liquefy respiratory secretions? aerosol therapy
Atelectasis abnormal collapse of distal lung parenchyma
CPAP (continuous positive air pressure) ventilator support when pt breathes spontaneously. Pressure above atmospheric maintained at the airway throughout breathing
Common S/E of decongestants? Hypertension
Severe form of pharyngitis are viral in origin, what else can be a cause? Strep throat
How long after onset of s/s if strep throat is contagious? 2-3 days
Tx for PT with strep throat warm saline gargles, assess level of pain, frequent oral care, meds
What indicates suction in a chest tube? gentle bubbling in chamber
Flutter valve Will make pt cough and clear secretions. Often used after a bronchodilator. Pt. blows INTO device.
Tracheotomy surgical incision into the trachea to create an airway.
Hyperplasia increase in tissue volume with the addition of new cells
Hypertrophy increase in tissue volume with a result of ENLARGEMENT but NOT increase in the number of new cells
Pink puffer Emphysema
Blue Boater Chronic Bronchitis
Emphysema and Chronic bronchitis lead to destruction of alveolar walls
wheezing is a sign of airway obstruction
Metastasis of larynx cancer include pain in the larynx radiating to the ear
The throat of a pt with rhinitis will be erythema and/or edema
Created by: paigemccabe10
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