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CNA 2016 C15*

The resident's unit

What does full visual privacy mean The person is completely free from public view while in bed
Semi-Fowler’s position is when the head of the bed is raised 30 degrees
The person’s area of the room is considered private
Nursing center residents are allowed to choose where to place personal items, where space allows
What room temperature is required in nursing centers by OBRA? 71-81 degrees
Older and chronically ill persons may need _______________room temperatures. higher
A resident does not like drafts. Offer them a lap robe when he or she is in the chair
A resident cannot control his bladder. To prevent odors, you need to check on him often
To prevent odors, clean urinals and bedpans promptly
You have just finished a cigarette. Before going to a resident, you must practice hand washing
Several staff members are talking and laughing at the nurses’ station. Besides causing a lot of noise, what other problem does their behavior create? residents think the staff is talking and laughing about them
Residents may find sounds frightening , dangerous, and irritating
You can reduce nursing center noise by controlling your voice
A resident has dementia. The person becomes very upset whenever a chair alarm sounds. Why might the person react this way? the person does not understand what the sound means
Clean, dry floor is an _________requirement for resident rooms. OBRA
What kind of lighting is cheerful to most people? bright
Lighting in a resident’s room is adjusted to meet_______________ needs the person's
Persons with poor vision need _______________light. bright
A bed of proper height and size is an OBRA requirement for resident rooms. True
Electric bed controls do what? raise and lower the bed
How do you know what position the resident should be in the nurse and care plan
What bed position requires a doctor’s order? trendelenberg and reverse trendelenburg's
In Trendelenburg’s position, the head of the bed is lowered and the foot is raised
Persons at risk for entrapment within the hospital bed system include persons who are restrained
_______________within the hospital bed system is a risk. Serious injury and death have occurred from head, neck, and chest entrapment. Entrapment
Lock _______________ when transferring a person to and from the bed. bed wheels
Over-bed tables are used for meals
Where are bedpans and urinals stored? in bedside stands
A resident brought a chair from home. The chair is unsafe if it tips during transfers
You are going to help a resident get dressed. What action helps provide full visual privacy from her roommate? pulling the privacy curtain around the person's bed
Privacy curtains block others from seeing the person
A resident does not like the soap and shampoo provided by the center. She has her son buy what she likes. She has the right to personal choice
When the person signals for help, a signal is sent to the nurses’ station. True
Keep the person’s call light within reach
The nursing center has an intercom system between resident rooms and the nurses’ station. When using the intercom system, you must be very careful to protect the person’s right to confidentiality
A resident had a stroke. The person’s left side is paralyzed. Where should you place the call light? on the right side
A resident has his call light on. When should you respond? as soon as you know the light is on
What are safety feature of resident bathrooms? grab bars
Closet space includes shelves and a clothes rack
Items in the closet and drawers are the person's property
A resident wants her chair near the window. The window is on the side of the room occupied by her roommate. Her choice interferes with the personal space of her roommate. True False interferes with the personal space of her roomates.
Part of your job is to maintain resident units. You make sure that each person has enough tissues and toilet paper. True
You are straightening a person’s unit. Adjust the light for __________ comfort. the person's
Created by: heatherhibbs