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pre/post op teaching

WOCN program

list five areas to assess in the person scheduled for ostomy surgery
list six areas related to the stoma that should be included when teaching the patient preoperatively who is scheduled for ostomy surgery
what is the best way to teach a person with an ostomy who has limited vision
what is the PLISSIT model?
what is not included in the PLISSIT model
what is the most appropriate method to teach children about an ostomy
what is the primary reason to assess a patient before ostomy surgery
describe what to do when looking for a stoma site for marking
what are guiding principles of stoma site marking
what is the best method to determine the specific type of ostomy surgery performed
list six areas to assess and document a stoma in the postop period
when does stool output usually begin after colostomy surgery
what is a critical task that the patient must master before leaving the hospital
what is the main reason for teaching a pt with a urostomy to keep the urine alkaline
what are common fears that those who are having ostomy surgery have
describe common fears of the partner
what is the nerve sparing technique that is used in pelvic surgery on males
explain the difference between providing limited information and specific suggestions
give examples of specific suggestions that you will use in a teaching/counseling session
what is the UOAA
is there a chapter of the UOAA in your community, how do you find out
is a physician's order required for a UOAA visitor to see a patient in the hospital
are there support groups for the gay patient
Created by: Beth Perry