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Review 2

Latina Christiana I

Fuga Flight
Pugno I Fight
Occupo I Seize
culpa fault, crime
Hispania Spain
luna moon
Maria Mary
unda wave
silva forest
judico I judge, I consider
stella star
ursa bear
ira anger
servus slave
amicus friend
annus year
filius son
dominus Lord, master
ante before
post after
Deus God, god
Christus Christ
Jesus Jesus
legatus lieutenant, envoy
discipulus student
fama fame, rumour
gratia grace
hora hour
semper always
saepe often
gladius sword
murus wall
ludus game, school
populus people
animus mind, spirit
pecunia money
ecclesia church
aquila eagle
corona crown
mora delay
mundus world
socius ally
nuntius messenger, message
barbarus barbarian
campus field, plain
capillus hair
cibus food
equus horse
ventus wind
locus place
Created by: Gloria