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arterial vs venous u

arterial vs venous ulcers

claudicaton after walking approximately 1-2 blocks arterial ulcers
rest pain usually present arterial ulcers
pain at ulcer site arterial ulcers
2-3 risk factors present arterial ulcers
located end of the toes alterial ulcers
located between the toes arterial ulcers
located deep arterial ulcers
ulcer bed pale, with even edges arterial ulcers
little granulation tissue arterial ulcers
cool or cold feet arterial ulcers
decreased or absent pulses arterial ulcers
atrotphy of skin arterial ulcers
hair loss arterial ulcers
pallor with elevation arterial ulcers
dependent rubor arterial ulcers
possible gangrene arterial ulcers
neurologic decicits noted when acute arterial ulcers
treat underlying cause (surgical, revascularization) arterial ulcers
prevent trauma and infection arterial ulcers
client education, stressing foot care arterial ulcers
chronic nonhealing ulcer venous ulcers
no claudication or rest pain venous ulcers
moderate ulcer discomfort venous ulcers
client complains of ankle or leg swelling venous ulcers
ankle area venous ulcers
brown pigmentation venous ulcers
ulcer bed pink venous ulcers
usually superficial,with uneven edges venous ulcers
granulation tissue present venous ulcers
ankle discoloration and edema venous ulcers
full veins when leg slightly dependent venous ulcers
no neurologic deficit venous ulcers
pulses present venous ulcers
may haave scarring from previous ulcers venous ulcers
long-term wound care n(Unna boot,damp-to-dry, dressing) venous ulcers
elevate extremity venous ulcers
client education, prevent infection venous ulcers
Created by: CWal6512