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Mandarin Unit 3

Florida Virtual Mandarin 1 Unit 3 Vocabulary

tā (他) he, him
shuí (谁) who
péngyǒu (朋友) friend
zhùzài (住在) live at
rìluò (日落) sunset
dàdào (大道) avenue
hào (号) No. (address); date ( time)
shíwǔ (十五) fifteen
shìma (是吗?) really
yě (也) also; too
néngbunéng (能不能) whether or not
ràng (让0 let
yíxiàr (一下儿) used after a verb, including an act or an attempt
dāngrán (当然) of course
kěyǐ (可以) can; may
zhèshì (这是) this is
lánlan (兰兰) Lanlan, popular girl’s name in China.
shǔ (属) belong to; category
lóng (龙) dragon
shēngrì (生日) bithday
jǐ (几) which
yuè (月) month
hào (号) date
shíér (十二) twelve
shíéryuè (十二月) December
sānshíyī (三十一) thirty one
sānshíyīhào (三十一号) No. 31
yǒu (有) have
chǒngwù (宠物) pet
ma (吗) use at the end of a yes-no question
yìzhī (一只) a measure word for animals
háiyǒu (还有) and… as well; also; too
gǒu (狗) dog
māo (猫) cat
xǐhuān (喜欢) like
tàihǎole (太好了) great; wonderful
lái (来) come to
wǒjiā (我家) my house; my home
wán (玩) play
dàjiē (大街) avenue; main street
dàdào (大道) road; way; boulevard
lù (路) road; lane
xiǎolù (小路) path
lǎoshǔ (老鼠) rat
niú (牛) ox
lǎohǔ (老虎) tiger
tùzi (兔子) rabbit
lóng (龙) dragon
shé (蛇) snake
mǎ (马) horse
yáng (羊) goat
hóuzi (猴子) monkey
jī (鸡) rooster
gǒu (狗) dog
zhū (猪) pig; boar
māo (猫) cat
niǎo (鸟) bird
sōngshǔ (松鼠) squirrel
yú (鱼) fish
wūguī (乌龟) turtle
xīyì (蜥蜴) lizard
chóngzi (虫子) worm
mǎyǐ (蚂蚁) ant
Created by: lasscait
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