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GENERIC NAME Dextrose 50%, D50
BRAND NAME Dextrose 50%, D50
CLASS Carbohydrate, hyperglycemic
MECHANISM OF ACTION Aerobic metabolic substrate (ATP production). Reverses CNS effects of hypoglycemia by rapidly increasing serum glucose levels. Provides short-term osmotic diuresis.
INDICATIONS Known hypoglycemia, Altered level of consciousness of unknown etiology, Seizures of unknown etiology. Hyperkalemia
CONTRAINDICATIONS Known thiamine deficiency (relative). Delirium tremens; use with caution in patients with acute alcoholism, may be ineffective without thiamine. Head injury. Intra cranial hemorrhage (relative).Severe pain (paradoxical excitement may occur).
ADVERSE REACTIONS Cerebral edema in children when given IV undiluted, Worsening elevated ICP or cerebral edema from trauma or cerebral vascular accident. Extravasation leads to severe tissue necrosis. Sclerosing effect on peripheral veins.
NOTES ON ADMINISTRATION Inducing an unnecessary hyperosmolar state during certain illness/injury states(head injuries,cerebral edema,Intra cranial bleeds,etc.)May worsen neurological outcome.Dextrose is very necrosing to the vascular system,shouldn't be given through small veins
INCOMPATABILITIES/DRUG INTERACTIONS Sodium bicarbonate, Diazepam will precipitate if given concurrently without flushing
DOSE/ROUTE, AULT Hypoglycemia, altered level of consciousness or seizures of unknown etiology; 25-100 ml of D50 (12.5-50 Gm, 2 to 2 amps) IV Hyperkalemia; 50 Gm of Dextrose IV total may be given over 1 hour. Pediatric Dosage
AZ DRUG BOX SUPPLY RANGE 2 - 4 prefilled syringe
Created by: klindley