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MEP Roots 6-22-09

Root to English Word

ante <Lat> before: antecedant; antediluuvian
anti <Gk> opposite: anti-war; antinuclear
bi <Lat> two or twice: biplane; biped
circum <Lat> around: circumnavagate; circumference
com <Lat> together: commingle; compile
de <Lat> down: descend; decline
dis <Lat> apart: disappear; disadvantage
equi <Lat> equal: equinox; equilateral
extra <Lat> outside: extraterrestrial; extracurricular
inter <Lat> between: international; interstate
intra <Lat> within: intramural; intraveneous
intro <Lat> into: introspection; introduce
mis <OE and OFr> bad or wrong: misbehave
mal <Lat> bad: maladjusted; malady
non <Lat> not: nonfat; noncompliance
post <Lat> after: post meridiem (p.m.); postmortem
pre <Lat> before: prepay; premature
semi <Lat> half, partial: semicircle; semiconscious
sub <Lat> under: subordinate; subsoil; submarine
super <Lat> over, above: superior; superindendent;
syn <Gk> together: synonym; synergy
sym <Gk> together: sympathy; symphony
tri <Lat> three: tricycle; triangle
un <OE> against: unable; unacceptable
ped <Lat> foot: pedestrian; pedal
ped <Gk> child: pediatrics; pediatrician
mort <Lat> death or dead: mortality; mortuary
carn <Lat> flesh: carnivore; carnage
psych <Gk> spirit, soul: psychology; psychic
logos <Gk> reason: logic; biology; sociology
bio <Gk> life: biograhpy; biome;
ethno <Gk> people, race: ethnicity;
gen <Gk> origin; beginning: Genesis; generate
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