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Magnesium Sulfate

Mag sulfate

BRAND NAME Magnesium Sulfate
CLASS Electrolyte
MECHANISM OF ACTION Reduces striated muscle contractions and blocks peripheral neuromuscular transmission, manages seizures in toxemia of pregnancy, induces uterine relaxation, can cause bronchodilation after beta agonists and anticholinergics have been used.
INDICATIONS Seizures of eclampsia, torsade de pointes, hypomagnesemia, class IIa agent for V-fib/pulseless V-Tach that is refractory to lidocaine.
CONTRAINDICATIONS Heart blocks, myocardial damage.
ADVERSE REACTIONS CNS depression, facial flushing, diaphoresis, depressed reflexes, circulatory collapse, Hypotension.
NOTES ON ADMINISTRATION Pregnancy category B. Recommended that this drug not be given in the 2 hours before delivery, if possible. IV calcium chloride or calcium gluconate should be available as a magnesium antagonist if needed. Use with caution in patients with renal failure.
INCOMPATABILITIES/DRUG INTERACTIONS May enhance the effects of other CNS depressants, serious changes in overall cardiac function may occur with cardiac glycosides.
DOSE/ROUTE Adult, Seizure activity associated with pregnancy
Adult, Cardiac arrest due to hypomagnesemia or torsade de pointes 1-2g diluted in 10ml of D5W IV/IO over 5-20 minutes.
Adult, Torsade de pointes with a pulse or AMI with Hypomagnesemia Loading dose of 1-2g mixed in 50-100 ml in D5W over 5-60 minutes IVZ.
Pediatric, IV/IO infusion 25-50 mg/kg (max dose 2g) over 10-20 minutes. Faster for torsade de pointes.
Pediatric, for asthma 25-50mg/kg over 10-20 minutes. Max dose 2g
ONSET OF ACTION IV/IO immediate. IM 3-4 hours.
DURATION OF ACTION 30 minutes IV/IO, 3-4 hours IM
Created by: klindley