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Respiratory Pharm.

pseudoephedrine(Sudafed) decongestant
oxymetazoline(Afrin) decongestant
decongestant action vasoconstriction promotes sinus drainage
decongestant side effects rhinorrhea tachycardia nervous increased bp
decongestant interventions po, iv, nasal drops not for HTN not for narrow angle glaucoma
diphenhydramine(Benadryl) Antihistamine (H1 antagonists)
loratidine(Claritin) Antihistamine (H1 antagonists)
fexofenadine hcl (Allegra), cetirizine (Zyrtec) Antihistamine (H1 antagonists)
Antihistamine H1 antag. action depress CNS Block H1 receptor allergic rhinitis sneezing/watery eyes sleep aid allergies
Antihistamine H1 antag. side effects sedation/sleepy dry mouth, nose, throat urinary retention
Antihistamine H1 antag. interventions safety mouth care
guaifenesin(Mucinex) expectorant
expectorant action makes cough productive liquefy mucus
expectorant side effects GI upset
expectorant interventions oral care hydration humidifier
codeine antitussive
diphenhydramine antitussive
tessalon antitussive
antitussive action suppress cough
antitussive interventions safety
acetlcysteine(Mucomyst) mucolytic agents
mucolytic action decrease stickiness of secretions
mucolytic side effects smells like rotten eggs n/v
mucolytic interventions give by RT or pill
albuterol(Ventolin) Beta agonist --short-acting
salmeterol(Serevent) Beta agonist --long-acting
beta agonist action relaxes smooth muscle
beta agonist side effects tachycardia tremors nervous
beta agonist interventions teaching about MDI and nebulizer equipment mouth care to prevent oral thrush
tiotropium(Spiriva) bronchodilator
theophylline(Aminophylline) bronchodilator
bronchodilator action long acting like caffeine
bronchodilator side effects tachycardia tremors palpitations anxious
pulmocort steroid
fluticasone(Flovent, Flonase) steroid
azmacort steroid
QVAR steroid
prednisone(systemic) steroid
steroid action decrease airway edema and inflammation
steroid side effects candida
steroid interventions rinse mouth after use to prevent use spacer
montelukast(Singulair) Leukotriene modifier
leukotriene modifier action prevent asthma attack that is triggered by inflammation or allergens
leukotriene modifier interventions maintenance therapy asthma PM daily dose food doesn't matter instruct how to use inhaler
Created by: KelseyKing