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piovt point 15 skin

chapter 15 study of skin

Healthy skin requires special care to maintain its health,elasticity, vibrancy, and A. Color B. Pallor C. Dryness D. Dullness Color
What is the technical name for the study of skin , including its structure,functions,diseases and treatment . A. Etiology B. Anatomy C. Pathology D. Dermatology Dermatology
The outer protective layer of the skin is called A. Corium B. Dermis C. Adipose D. Epidermis Epidermis
What is another name for the stratum germinativum ? A. Epidermis B. Dermal Layer C. Stratum Lucidum D. Basal or stratum basale layer Basal or Stratum Basale layer
Where does mitosis (Cell Division ) or replacement of the skin take place ? A. Stratum Lucidum B. Stratum Corneum C. Stratum Granulosum D. Stratum Germinativum Stratum Germinativum
Which of the following layers of skin does not contain any blood vessels ? A. Cutis B. Dermis C. Corium D. Epidermis Epidermis
The stratum Germinativum and what other layer other layer of the skin . A. Dermis B. Subcutaneous C. Stratum Corneum D. Stratum Spinosum Startum Spinosum
On the human body, the thickest skin is located on the : A . thighs B. Buttocks C. Abdomen D. Palms and Soles Palms and Soles
Where are the blood vessels found that transport nourishment to the skin and nerves ? A. Epidermis B. Subcutaneous C. Stratum Lucidum D. Stratum Corneum Subcutaneous
Sudoriferous glands, Sebaceous glands, Sensory nerve endings, arrector pili muscles and a major portion of each hair follicle are found : A . In the dermis B. In the epidermis C. In the stratum corneum D. In the stratum spinosum In the dermis
The layer of the epidermis that is shed and replaced constantly is the A. Stratum Lucidum B. Stratum corneum C. Stratum mucosum D. Stratum granulosum Stratum corneum
What quality is notable about the stratum corneum ? A. it is the thinnest layer of the skin is the weakest layer of the skin C. it is the thoughest layer of the skin D. it is the lowermost layer of the skin It is the toughest layer of the skin
The stratum cornum is composed of: A. Melanin B. Granules C. Keratin cells D. Squamous cells Keratin cell
Which layer is the top,or uppermost, layer of the epidermis ? A. Dermis B. Stratum Corneum C. Stratum Mucosum D. Stratum Granulosum Stratum corneun
What part of the skin is often referred to as true skin ? A. Dermis B. Epidermis C. Stratum Lucidum D. Stratum Germinativum Dermis
Which layer of the skin contains collagen protein fibers to help give the skin its elasticity and pliability , A. Dermis B. Epidermis C. Stratum Lucidum D. Stratum Granulosum Dermis
The deteriation of collagen and elastin fibers during the aging process causes : A. Rosacea B. Freckles C. Macules D. Wrinkles Wrinkles
What is the major function of the sudoriferous gland? A. Give skin texture B. Give skin a healthy color C.Protect the skin's elasticitiy D. Help to regulate body temperature Help to regulate body temperature
The sebaceous gland produces : A. Melanin B. Dandruff C. Sebum (oil) D. Perspiration Sebum (oil)
What is the function of sebum ? A. Carry Melanin B. Produce sweat C. Give skin elasticity D. Mix with sweat to form the acid mantle Mix with sweat to form the acid mantle
On what area of the body would you not find any sebaceous glands? A. The face B. In the groin area C. on the arms and legs D. On the palms of the hands and soles of the feet On the palms of the hands and soles of the feet
Sweat or perspiration is excretes by what gland ? A. Adrenal B. endocrine C. Sebaceous D. Sudoriferous Sudoriferous
The small opening onto the skin from the sudoriferous glands are called A. Ducts B. Pores C. Glands D. Follicles Pores
Sudoriferous and sebaceous glands are referred to as A. Pores B. Follicles C. Duct Glands D. Ductless Glands Duct Glands
The excretion of perspiration from the skin is controlled by the : A. Nervous system B. Muscular system C. Endocrine System Nervous System
Control and regulation of body temperature by the Sudoriferous glands helps maintain the body temperature at : A. 78.0' Fahrenheit or 29.4' Celsius B. 94.0' Fahrenheit or 87.9' Celsius C. 88.6' Fahrenheit or 37' Celsius D. 98.6' Fahrenheit or 37' Celsiu 98.6 Fahrenheit or 37' Celsius
The greatest concentration of sudoriferous glands are found on the A. arms B. eyelids C. Midsection of the body D. Palms,soles, scalp and forehead and underarms Palms, soles, scalp and forehead and underarms
The papillary canal takes oil (sebum) to the : A. Nerves B. Keratin C.Blood Vessels D. Surface of the skin Surface of skin
The subcutaneous tissue of the skin is made up of mostly : A. Keratin B. Muscle C. Melanin D. Fatty Cells Fatty cells
Nerve bundles in the subcutaneous tissue branch into the stratum granulosum layer and respond to : A. Pain B. Light C. Taste D. Sound Pain
What tans the skin to help protect it from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun ? A. Sebum B. Melanin C. The acid mantle D. The Subcutaneous layer Melanin
Where is the layer of the skin called the subcutaneous layer located ? A. Above the cuticle B. Below the dermis C. Above the epidermis D. Below the adipose tissue Below the dermis
which layer of the skin contains large blood vessels that transport to the skin ? A. Epidermis B. Melanin Layer C. Subcutaneous D. Stratum Spinosum Subcutaneous
Almost 90% of the skin's wrinkles are caused by ? A. Excessive use of astringents B. Excessive exposure to the sun C. Excessive exposure to pollutants D. Excessive exposure to fluorescnt lights Excessive exposure to sun
On the human body ,the thinnest skin is located : A. On the chin B. On the eyelids C. On the soles of the feet D. On the skull just behind the ears On the eyelids
Light skin and dark skin differ in the : A. Number of melanocytes they contain B. Amount and type of melanin produced C. Number of nerve endings they contain D. Number of epidermal cells they contain Amount and type of melanin produced
Healthy skin's ph level of 4.5 to 5.5 is : A. Highly acidic B. Slightly acidic C. Highly alkaline D. Slightly alkaline Slightly acidic
What is the technical name for the study of the causes of disease ? A . Etiology B. Anatomy C. Pathology D. Dermatology Etiology
What is the technical term for the study of diseases : A. Dermatology B. Anatomy C Pathology D. Etiology Pathology
Anticipating the most probable course a disease may follow is called : A. Analysis B. Diagnosis C. Prognosis D. Recognition Prognosis
How should a cosmetologist react if the client has a skin disease ? A. Refer client to Physician B. Prescribe proper treatment C. Suggest home remedies to the client D. Perform the service while wearing gloves Refer client to a physician
Chronic is the term used to identify conditions that are : A. visible B. Brief and severe C. Frequent and habitual D. Influenced by weather Frequent and Habitual
The term used to identify conditions that are brief and server is A. Acute B. Chronic C. Objective D. Subjective Acute
A disease influenced by weather is referred to as : A. Serial B. Rational C .Seasonal D. Inflamable Seasonal
A disease that spreads by personal contact is known as : A . Systemic B. Congenital C. Contagious D. Occupational Systemic
An allergic reaction to cosmetics or Chemicals that cosmetologist may be susceptible to is called : A. Papules B. Chloasma C. Lentigines D. Dermatitis Venenata Dermatitis Venenata
An example of a subjective symptom would be : A. Itching B. Swelling C. Redness D. Discharge Itching
A papule is an example of a : A. Teritiary Lesion B. Primary skin lesion C. A subjective symptom D. Secondary skin lesion Primary skin Lesion
Vesicles can be produced by which of the following conditions ? A. Fever B. Verrucas C. Poison Ivy D. Dry, scaly skin Poison Ivy
What is the technical term for freckles ? A. Vitiligo B. Chloasma C. Macules D. Leukoderma Macules
Herpes Simplex is the technical for : A. Acne B. Eczema C. Psoriasis D. Fever Blisters Fever Blisters
Abnormal changes in the structure of organs or tissues are called A. Wheal B. Fissure C. Lesions D. Infection Lesions
A cyst is defined by which of the following descriptions ? A. Oozing sore B. Wheal Lesions C. Crack in the skin D. Abnormal membranous sac Abnormal Membranous Sac
A secondary lesion appearing as round , dry patches of skin covered with rough, silvery scales is called: A. Acne B. Eczema C. Psoriasis D. Herpes Simplex Psoriasis
A solid mass in the skin that could be soft or hard , fixed or freely movable and may be elevated or deep is called a: A. Crust B. Callus C. Tumor D. Wheal Tumor
what may happen to the skin if an area is subjects to pressure or friction over a long period of time : A . It may wear thin B. It may become shiny C. It may scale and flake D. It may become callused It may become callused
Which of the following skin lesions often occurs when skin loses its flexibility due to exposure to wind, cold , water, etc. and cracks in the skin appear ? A. Stain B. Tumor C. Fissure D. Papule Fissure
The lesion found following the healing of an injury is called a ? A . Vitiligo B. Fissure C. Scar D. Excoriation Scar
Verruca is a name given to a variety of : A . Warts B. Ulcers C. Fissures D. Skin Tags Warts
Which of the following terms describes a keratoma ? A. A wart B. A callus C. A tumor D. A birthmark A callus
What is the technical name for liver spots ? A. Rubra B. Crustacea C. Chloasma D . Leukoderma Chloasma
What is another name for a stain in the skin caused by the dilation of the small blood vessels in the skin , also known as a birthmark ? A. Scar B. Callus C . Naevus D. Verruca Naevus
What is the technical term for a decreae in activity of melanocytes : A. Acne B. Verrugo C. Leukoderma D. Melanoderma Leukoderma
Melanotic sarcoma is a skin cancer that begins with : A. A mole B. Freckles C. Lentigines D. Miliaria Rubra A mole
Comedone is the technical name for : A. Naevus B. Macule C. Blackhead D. Whitehead Blackhead
Accumulations of hardened sebum beneath the skin are called whitehead or: A. Acne B. Milia C. Rosacea D. Comedones Milia
Acne can be found in two stages , acne simplex and: A. Rosacea B. Asteatosis C. Acne Vulgaris D. Deep-seated acne Acne Vulgaris
What is a condition called that is characterized by dry , scaly skin caused by a decreased production of sebum? A . Rosacea B. Steatoma C. Asteatosis D. Seborrhea Asteatosis
Which disorder is caused by excessive secretions of the sebaceous glands? A. Milia B. Asteatosis C. Seborrhea D. Bromidrosis Seborrhea
Acne most often occurs on the : A. Legs ,Hips and Arms B. Face , Back and Chest C. Fingers , Toes and Soles D. Ankles , Knees and Elbows Face Back And Chest
Where does a steatoma most often appear ? A. On the arms, Legs and chest B. On the face , feet , and hands C. On the fingers, feet and toes D. On the scalp , neck and back On the scalp , neck and back
What is the definition of bromidrosis ? A. Excessive sebum B. The lack of sebum C. The lack of perspiration D. Foul- smelling perspiration Foul - smelling Perspiration
what is the disorder called that is an over production of perspiration caused by excessive heat or general body weakness A. Anhidrosis B. Osmidrosis C. Bromidrosis D. Hyperhidrosis Hyperhidrosis
The lack of perspiration caused by fever or disease is called ? A. Anhidrosis B. Osmidrosis C. Bromidrosis D . Hyperhidrosis Anhidrosis
Products that work to further cleanse the skin and return it to its normal ph includes : A. Oils B. massages cream C. Astringents and tonic lotions D. Manual Exfoliants Astringents and tonic lotions
Persons exposed to excessive heat may develop : A . Eczema B. Anhidrosis C. Bromidrosis D. Miliaria Rubra Miliaria Rubra
A term that is used to describe moisturizing is: A. Oiling B. Toning C. Hydrating D. Cleansing Hydrating
Effleurage is a massage movement that involves a : A. Circular movement with no gliding B. light tapping or slapping movement C. Light , gentle stroking or circular movement Light , gentle stroking or circular movement
Applying pressure to motor points will have which of the following effects ? A. Inflame and irritate muscles B. Increase secretion of sebum C. Decrease Production of keratin D. Soothe and stimulate nerves and muscles soothe and stimulate nerves and muscles
The gentle massage movement that often begins and ends a massage treatment is : A. Vibration B. Effleurage C. Petrissage D. Tapotement Effleurage
client suffer from high blood pressure , has suffered a stroke , heart attack , massages movement should : A. significantly reduce blood pressure B. Reduce chance second heart attack C. Be avoided since massage increase circulation Be avoided since massage increases circulation
The massage manipulation that consists of light or heavy kneading and rolling of the muscles is called : A .Friction B. Vibration C. Petrissage D. Tapotement Petrissage
Which massage movement deeply stimulates the muscles , nerves and skin glands A. Friction B. Vibration C. Petrissage D. Tapotement Petrissage
What following massage manipulations is a circular deep rubbing movement usually carried out with the fingertips or palms of the hands : A Frinction B. Vibration C. Petrissage D. Tapotement Friction
Areas of the skin that are diseased , broken ,bruised or scraped : A. require Vibration B.Should not be massaged C. require petrissage movements Should not be massaged
The massage movement that should not be used when the client need soothing is A. Gliding B. Stroking C. Effleurage D. Tapotement Tapotement
All of the following are true about paraffin mask Except A. Heated B. Applied over a layer of gauze C. High Blood Pressure D. Act to draw oil and perspiration to the top layer of skin Made from clay, sand , zinc oxide or mud
What direction are eyebrow hairs tweezed A. Always downward B. Aways from yourself C. Away from client D . In the direction of the hair growth In the direction of the hair growth
what direction do you pull removal strips during hot wax treatment A. toward the floor B. toward ceiling C. away from clients and yourself D. in the opposite direction of the hair growth In the opposite direction of the hair growth
Single needle into a hair follicle for hair removal is called short-wave electrolysis or : A. waxing B. shaving C. Hydrolysis D. Thermolysis Thermolysis
hair removal method removes the hair by decomposing the papilla A. Blend B. waxing C. Shaving D. Galvanic Galvanic
Most corrective makeup and contouring is done to help the face appear A. Oval B. round C. square D. Diamond- shape Oval
What facial feature would accompany a heart - shaped face ? A. Wide jaw line B. close-set eyes C. narrow jaw line D. narrow forhead narrow jaw line
What color seem to recede or diminish the appearance of facial features A. Lighter color B. Darker Colors C. Primary D. Complementary Color Darker
What must be done before foundation makeup is applied ? 1.Hair styled 2. Skin must be cleansed , toned and moisturized Skin must be clean ,toned ,moisturized
What is considered the most important product in makeup? A. Powder B. Mascara C. Foundation D. Moisturizer Foundation
On what area of the face is a foundation tested for a color match A. Nose B. Eyelid C. Jaw Line D. Forehead Jaw Line
Unless correction is required ,match the foundation to the : A. Natural skin tone B. Next darker skin tone C. Tone one shade lighter than the natural tone D. Tone two shades darker then natural tone Natural skin tone
Why would the cosmetologist apply a lighter shade when Performing : A. To widen an area B. To conceal blemishes C. To minimize a facial area D. To emphasize a facial area To emphasize a facial area
Full face application or two-shade application must be blended to prevent : A. Mixing of the two B. A line of demarcation C. A space between the two shades D. A blurring of the line between tow area A line of demarcation
One method to make wide-set eyes appear closer together is A. Uplift the ends of the eyebrow B. Make the eyebrow line a line a high curve C. Widen the distance between the eyebrows D. Extend the brows past the inside corner of the eyes Extend the brows past the inside corner of the eyes
What does the wear receive from mascara ? A. detracts from other facial flaws B. Hides dark circles under the eyes C. matches eyelash color to hair color D. Lengthens , thickens ,defines lashes Lengthens , thickens ,defines lashes
Face powders come in tinted shades to match foundations ,and also : A. only in white B. only in general C. Only in light, Medium and dark D. In translucent form to be worn with any shade In translucent form to be worn with any shade
What type of blush blends well and is suitable for any skin type ? A. Dry B. Liquid C. Cream D. Powder Liquid
Facial powder are designed to: A. Reflect light B. Produce odor C. Reduce perspiration D. Set other makeup products so they last longer Set other makeup products so they last longer
What is involved in the service of the eye tabbing ? A .Tinting the eyelashes B .Applying strips eyelashes C. removing artificial lashes D. Applying individual lashes Applying individual lashes
Semi-permanent individual eyelashes are made of : A . Human hair B. Animal hair C. Synthetic fibers D. Inorganic fibers Synthetic fibers
Semi-permanent individual eyelashes last for a period of approximately : A. 7 to 14 days B. 6 to 8 weeks C. 2 to 3 weeks D . 3 to 6 months 6 to 8 weeks
Individual lashes do not adhere to lower lashes for as long as top ones because of : A . Perspiration B. Their shorter length C. Moisture from tears D. The body 's natural oils The body 's natural oils
Where in the course of makeup application does applying lipstick usually occur ? A . last cosmetic to be applied B. first cosmetic to be applied C. third cosmetic to be applied D. second cosmetic to be applied last cosmetic to be applied
During draping your client for a makeup application prepare client by draping , positioning chair an : A .putting headband on client B. counting your tips C. getting the sheet for facial chair out of dryer putting headband on client
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