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Coreano 1.3

Aprender hangûl

속 The inside sog
만들다 To make mandeulda
데 Place, point, instance de
앞 In front of, before ap
경우 A case gyeong-u
중 The centre, the middle jung
어떤 What kind of, what sort of eotteon
잘 Well jal
그러다 Be like this geureoda
그녀 She geunyeo
먹다 Eat meogda
자신 one’s own self, one\’s own body jashin
문화 culture munhwa
원 ₩ Won won
생각 Thought saeng-gag
명 Person counter myeong
통하다 Run, lead; flow; go through tonghada
그러다 and so, and then, well geureoda
소리 A sound,noise sori
다시 Again dashi
다른 Different dareun
이런 Such, like this ireon
여자 woman,female yeoja
개 Unit or piece gae
정도 grade,degree jeongdo
다 All, everything da
좀 A little jom
싶다 want,hope shipda
보이다 see,catch sight of boida
가지다 To have or take or hold gajida
함께 Together, with hamkke
아이 Child ai
지나다 pass,elapse,go on jinada
시간 Time shigan
너 You neo
인간 A person, a human being in-gan
사실 The truth, a fact sashil
나다 To be born nada
어머니 Mom eomeoni
눈 Eyes nun
뭐 What? mwo
점 Store jeom
의하다 To be due to, owing to euihada
시대 An age,period shidae
다음 Next da-eum
이러하다 Be this way, be like follows ireohada
누구 Who nugu
Created by: anxiang