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Literature : Henry V

What is the dramatic purpose Exposition of the plot
What is the situation that Canterbury and Ely face? The Parliamentary bill to transfer some monies and lands from the church . The bill had been put off at a time of civil unrest and now in a time of peace it has been revived. This would mean that the church would lose a lot of its revenues
Do you think the clerics are acting in the religious way men should act? They seem to be mainly concerned with their own well-being. They should be happy that the money is being spent on the poor.
According to the exchanges in the scene, how aware is King Henry of the details of the act of the parliament that the clerics are discussing? King Henry was aware , Canterbury explains that he has been discussing a possible softening of the bill with the king and has made a suggestion to him.
Compare Henry's previous life with his life as king described by the clerics ? Previously : fun-loving , riotous, pleasure seeking, out in the public eye with unsuitable companions.
According to Canterbury and Ely , how has Henry's character changed since he became king? How does Henry excel according to them? We learn that Henry has changed from a wild , fun loving prince into something of a paragon of kingship. He has eradicated serious character flaws He is religious, cares for his people and their lives, and is as warrior ready for battle.
Is King Henry being entirely honest when he calls the Archbishop of Canterbury to ask whether England is justified in going for war against France? Before he meets the French ambassador, Henry wants to talk to Canterbury. He seems to be almost decided on his course of action even before he hears from the Canterbury.
What does Henry ask Canterbury? Henry asks him to explain " the legal and religious grounds " the French Salic law might hinder or assist his French claims.
Why do the clerics support the war? It is self-interest. They want the Parliament to forget the bill which deprive the church of its revenues.
What is the danger from Scotland ? What does Canterbury suggest will avert this danger? Find the image he uses to illustrate Scots will see the absence of the English king in. France as a perfect opportunity to attack wether in small incursions of thieves or a full invasion. Note the image of a stoat stealing eggs from the eagle's(Royal) nest when the parent bird(king)is away
How does the gift backfire on the French? Henry finally decides to invade and the French Dauphin will regret his jest.
Find the extended metaphor in Henry's response to the Dauphin? It compares tennis balls to warfare.
How do French respond to the English threat? The French stoop to treachery.They bribe three noblemen to assassinate the king characterizing the French as treacherous and underhand.
What dramatic scene is achieved by placing this low, comic scene... traitors at Southampton? Comics element: cowards , low , dishonest rouges . Contrasts the preparations of the nobles (in the prologue)with the low characters.
What has caused Falstaff's illness according to his friends ? A broken heart
Created by: Alan12317