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Chapter 17

After childbirth, the uterus returns to its nonpregnant size and condition by? Involution
The site of placental attachment heals by a process of? Exfoliation
How can involution be evaluated? By measuring the descent of the fundus (about 1 cm/day)
By what day after childbirth should the fundus no longer be palpable? 14th day
Vaginal discharge Lochia
Vaginal discharge progresses from ___ to ___ to ____ in a predictable time frame Lochia rubia (dark red or red-brown) to lochia serosa (pink or brown tinged) to lochia alba (white, cream, or yellow)
Foul odor from lochia suggests Endometrial infection
It takes __ to __ weeks for the vaginal epithelium to return to normal 6-10
Tachycardia may be caused by Pain, excitement, anxiety, fatigue, dehydration, hypovolemia, or anemia
The postpartum woman should be afebrile, but her temperature may be higher during _____ because of ______ The first 24 hours because of dehydration and leukocytosis
Breastfeeding mothers are more likely to experience dyspareunia as a result of Vaginal dryness that results from inadequate estrogen
____ and _____ can cause a great deal of discomfort and interfere with activity and bladder and bowel elimination Hemorrhoids and perineal trauma
Cardiac output increases when Blood from the uterus and placenta returns to the central circulation, uterine pressure on the vessels decreases, and extracellular fluid moves into the vascular compartment
Increased clotting factors predispose the postpartum woman to Thrombus formation
____ helps prevent thrombophlebitis Early, frequent ambulation
Constipation may occur from Decreased food and fluid intake during labor, reduced activity, decreased muscle and bowel tone, and fear of pain during defecation
Increased bladder capacity and decreased sensitivity to fluid pressure may result in Urinary retention
Stasis of urine allows time for bacteria to grow and can lead to UTI
A distended bladder does what 3 things Displaces the uterus, can interfere with uterine contractions, and cause excessive bleeding
A patient can reduce musculoskeletal discomfort by Performing exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles, good posture, and body mechanics
The skin gradually reverts to its nonpregnant state as Hormone levels decline
____ and ____ headaches are common in the first week postpartum and may be a result of Frontal and bilateral; changes in fluid and electrolyte balance
Breastfeeding may delay the return of Ovulation and menstruation
Lactation may be suppressed by Wearing a sports bra and avoiding stimulation of the breasts
The acronym REEDA is used as a reminder that the site of an episiotomy or perineal laceration should be assessed for five signs R (redness) E (edema) E (ecchymosis, aka bruising) D (discharge) A (approximation, aka the edges of the wound should be closed, as though stuck or glued together)
Care of the mother during the immediate postpartum period focuses on Physiologic safety of the mother, comfort measures, bladder elimination, and health education
The postcesarean woman requires postop and postpartum assessments and care, she may have problems with Immobility and discomfort
The Kegel exercise involves Contracting muscles around the vagina (as though stopping the flow of urine), holding tightly for ten seconds, and then relaxing for ten seconds
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