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Review (Words)

L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L6, L7, L8

Sweat Ase
Leg Ashi
Picture E
Ship Fune
Winter Fuyu
Tooth/Leaf Ha
Nose/Flower Hana
Chopsticks/Bridge Hashi
Navel {Belly Button} Heso
Person Hito
Bone Hone
Star/Celestial Body Hoshi
House Ie
Pond Ike
Dog Inu
Chair Isu
Shell Kai
Turtle/Tortoise Kame
Crab Kani
Face Kao
Umbrella Kasa
Tree Ki
Voice Koe
Mouth Kuchi
Bear Kuma
Grass Kusa
Shoe Kutsu
Air Kuuki
Peach [Fruit] Momo
Bug/Insect Mushi
Wave Nami
Seven Nana
Eggplant Nasu
Cat Neko
Meat Niku
Nephew Oi
Hill Oka
Money Okane
Axe Ono
Vinegar Osu
Sound Oto
Parent Oya
Hot Water Oyu
Shark Same
Sugar Satou
Sushi Sushi
Bamboo Take
Octopus Tako
Hand Te
Nail/Claw Tsume
Horse Uma
Love Ai
Lie Uso
Mountain Yama
Roof Yane
Vegetable Yasai
Snow Yuki
Dream Yume
Red Aka
Hot Atsui
Blue Ao
Good Ii
No Iie
Up/Above/Over/On Top Ue
Created by: RLee4



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