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What does the skeletal system do for your body???? Five functions: 1. Provides support and shape 2. Enables movement 3. Protects 4. Produces blood 5. Storage
What is a pancreas? A pancreas is a triangular organ and Is behind the stomach in your body and it produces enzymes, breaks down startches and has fats and produce
Large intestine Is at the end of digestive system and it is 1.5 meters long. It contains bacteria that feed on the material and make and contain vitamins. Water is transcribed in the body and the material is eliminated or expelled.
What are arteries Arteries are when blood leaves the heart and it travels through arteries. Arteries away from heart gets smaller the further away from the heart you go.
What kinds of abused drugs are there and what are they? Drugs effect the central nervous system or alter chemical balance in the body. These drugs including the following: ·Depressant. ·Stimulant. ·Inhalants ·Hallucinogens ·Steroids. ·Alcohol
What are depressants? Depressants slow down central nervous system. They relax muscles, drowsiness, and extra such as alcohol and herion
What are stimulants? They speed up central nervous system. Increase heart rate and breathing and extra such as cocaine Amphetamines
What are steroids? Steroids are a synthetic chemical similar to body hormones and muscle growth and mood swings and there is heart and liver problems
What are Inhalants and hallucinogens? Inhalants are a mood altering effects when breathed in such as a bad chemical like paint thinner and hallucinogens causes hallucinations for example mesaline
Created by: harveystrong