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Grade 8 Final

How are particles in objects in a solid state? Packed tightly together in fixed positions
How are particles in objects in a gas state? Spread out and fill all the space available to them
How are particles in objects in a liquid state? Free to move in a container but remain in close contact with one another
Melting point Temperature at which a solid changes into a liquid, and each substance has its own distinct melting point
What happens when an inflated balloon is exposed to cold air? The volume inside the balloon decreases
How does heat transfer occur? Only from warm objects to colder objects
How does heat transfer through convection? When heated air moves from baseboard heaters to the rest of a room
Viscosity The resistance of a liquid of flowing
What are examples of chemical formulas? H2O and CO2
What do chemical formulas indicate? The type and amount of each element in a molecule
What does the element's atomic number represent? The number of protons in that atom
What kind of elements are located in Group 1 on the periodic table? The most reactive metal elements
Elements Substances that cannot be broken down chemically into other substances
Mass The amount of matter in an object
How is the volume of a liquid measured? By using a graduated cylinder
Density The measurement of how much mass is contained in a given volume
How do you find density? Mass/Volume
What is burning wood an example of? Chemical change
What are signs of chemical changes? Change in color, odor, temperature, formation of a precipitate, bubbling/fizzing
What is the difference between alloys and pure metals? Alloys resist corrosion while pure metals corrode (like rusting)
Mixtures When substances are not chemically combined
Constraint Any factor that limits or restricts the design of a technology product
Troubleshooting/Redesigning Process of analyzing and fixing a design flaw
Potential Energy Stored energy
Kinetic energy Energy of matter in motion
What do endothermic changes do? Absorb energy like when ice melts
What happens during photosynthesis? Plants transform electromagnetic energy from the sun into chemical energy
Temperature The measure of the average kinetic energy of the individual particles in an object
Gravitational potential energy Potential energy that depends on height
Radiation The transfer of heat through electromagnetic waves
How do you find the average speed? Distance/Time
Motion When an object's distance from another object is changing
Momentum The product of an object's mass and its velocity
Inertia The tendency of an object to resist change in its motion
Acceleration Change in direction and/or speed
Velocity The speed and direction of an object
Reference point A place or object used for comparison to determine if something is in motion
Friction The force that once surface exerts on another when the two rub against each other
Created by: jazzyylyy