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Wheelock Ch. 36

Wheelock's Latin Chapter 36 Vocabulary

cupīdō, cupīdinis f; desire, passion
lēctor, lēctōris m; reader
lēctrīx, lēctrīcis f; reader
vinculum, -ī n; bond, chain, fetter
cōtīdiē adv; daily, every day
fortasse adv; perhaps
accēdō, -cēdere, -cessī, -cessum to come (to), approach
carpō, carpere, carpsī, carptum to harvest, pluck, seize
cōgō, cōgere, coēgī, coāctum to drive or bring together, force, compel
contemnō, -temnere, -tempsī, -temptum to despise, scorn
contundō, -tundere, -tudī, -tūsum to beat, crush, bruise, destroy
cūrō (1) to care for, attend to, heal , cure, take care
dēcernō, -cernere, -crēvī, -crētum to decide, settle, decree
exigō, -igere, -ēgī, -āctum to drive out, force out, exact, drive through, complete, perfect
fīō, fierī, factus sum to occur,happen, become, be made, be done
oblectō (1) to please, amuse, delight, pass time pleasantly
ōrō (1) to speak, plead, beg, beseech, entreat, pray
recreō (1) to restore, revive, refresh, cheer
requīrō, -quīrere, -quīsīvī, -quīsitum to seek, ask for, miss, need, require
serēnō (1) to make clear, brighten, cheer up, soothe
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