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Colon cancer/med

WOCN program

Explain cause, type of cell, treatment and occurrence of small bowel cancer Rare, vague sx's, adenocarcinoma, upper jejunum, surgical resection
List epidemiological factors that are associated with the development of colorectal cancer Western industrialized higher, urban higher, African American, native Alaskans > Caucasian> Native American
Name the two inherited genetic defects that colorectal cancers are related to FAP and Lynch syndrome (HNPCC)
In what section of the intestinal tract do most colorectal cancers occur Sigmoid and right colon, 43% in rectum
Evidence strongly suggests that the majority of sporadic colorectal cancers arise from what? adenoma is formed by an abnormal cell, tumor suppressing gene inactivated that transforms adenoma to adenocarcinoma. 90% of CRC are adenocarcinoma
Name risk factors for colorectal cancer Diet ( high fat, low fiber) Obesity inactivity smoking Excessive alcohol intake >50y/o, genetic predisposition FAP lynch syndrome personal or family hx of polyps. IBD
Screening for adenomatous polyps should start at what age 50y/o
Which bowel prep should not be used in pts with hepatic or renal impairment
What is the gold standard adjuvant chemotherapy treatment of advanced cancer 5FU/levamisole
Name the principle site of colorectal cancer metastasis Liver
What is the primary treatment for rectal cancer
Name two possible benefits to preoperative radiation and chemotherapy in the treat,met of rental cancers
In what instance is adjuvant radiation therapy use for patients with rectal cancer
Name two skin reactions that are common with radiation therapy
Explain what manifestations can be present when the gastrointestinal mucosa is involved in radiation
What are two types of anal cancer
Discuss the treatment of mucositis
Name two side effects of 5fu
Created by: Beth Perry