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Science 7 Review

For 7th Grade final

What are ways that scientists answer questions and solve problems ? Scientific Method
Group that gets the unusual treatment Experimental Group
What is the special treatment called ? Independent Variable
What is measured in an experiment ? Dependent Variable
What comes after the experiment ? An Analysis
What equation is Mass/Volume for? Density
Are Metals good at conducting heat and electricity ? Yes
What system uses grams and meters ? The Metric System
What is 1000 times bigger than a gram, meter, or liter ? Kilo
What is 1000 times smaller than a gram, meter, or liter ? Milli
Color and shape are___________. Physical Properties
What is the amount of mass per unit of volume ? Density
Which state of Matter is the most dense ? A solid
A measure of the size of a three-dimensional space. Volume
The process where a solid changes directly into a gas. Sublimation
When it is cold outside, will a balloon deflate? Yes
If an object is lighter than the space it takes, it will float. True or False? True
The bigger a planet is, the less gravity it will have. False
Which has its particles move faster, a Gas or Plasma ? Plasma
What maintains the properties of an element ? Atoms
What particle has a negative charge ? Electron
How is the periotic table arranged ? By Atomic number.
What is the number of protons in a nucleus called ? Atomic Number
What is at the bottom of an element in the periodic table, and is measured by the number of protons and neutrons in a isotope. Atomic Mass
What does the solute go into ? The solvent
What is two or more elements that are chemically combined ? A compound
What is good at conducting electricity? Electric Conductor
Do opposite charges attract ? Yes
What is the capacity to do work ? Energy
A form of energy will never change ? No
What force is an object at rest or has potential to move ? Kinetic Energy
What do cars run on ? Fossil Fuels
Can energy be created or destroyed ? Neither
What energy conversion is in a flashlight ? Chemical to Electrical to Light.
What law states things keep on doing what they are doing until an unbalanced force is acted on them ? Law one or the law of Inertia
Which law states there is a equal force for every force. Law 3
The speed of an object in a particular direction. Velocity
A measure of the amount of matter in an object. Mass
Is wind a renewable resource ? Yes
What is a periodic disturbance in a solid as energy is transferred though a medium ? Wave
What is freezing or any other way to slow down particles, Endo or exothermic ? Exothermic
Created by: Knicks0103