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Kitani-Meeting 50

Kitani-Meeting 50 Roma-ji

1. Let’s start the meeting. 1. KAIGI-O HAJIME-MASHÔ.
2. Ms. C hasn’t come yet. Why don’t we wait a little? 2. C-SAN-GA MADA KI-TE I-NA-I DESU-YO. SUKOSHI MAT-I-MASEN-KA?
3. What is today’s agenda? 3. KYÔ-NO Agenda-WA NAN’ DESU-KA?
4. Let’s decide on the chair person. 4. SHIKAI-SHA-O KIME-MASHÔ.
5. I’ll preside. 5. WATASHI-GA SHIKAI-SHI-MASU.
6. Who takes the minutes? 6. DARE-GA GIJIROKU-O TOR-I-MASU-KA?
7. Mr. B, please take the minutes. 7. B-SAN-GA GIJIROKU-O TOT-TE KUDASAI.
8. Please distribute the material. 8. SHIRYÔ-O HAIFU-SHI-TE KUDASAI.
9. Please open to the page 3 of the material. 9. SHIRYÔ-NO 3-Page-O AKE-TE KUDASAI.
10. Please look at the 15th line. 10. 15-GYÔ-ME-O MI-TE KUDASAI.
11. Regarding this matter, Mr. D will explain 11. KONO-MONDAI-NI TSUI-TE, D-SAN-GA SETSUMEI-SHI-MASU.
12. Regarding this issue, do you have your opinion? 12. KONO-KEN-NI TSUI-TE, IKEN-GA AR-I-MASU-KA?
13. Please say (state) your opinion. 13. ANATA-NO IKEN-O IT-TE KUDASAI.
14. May I speak in English? 14. EIGO-DE HANASHI-TE-MO I-I DESU-KA?
15. That is a good opinion (idea), indeed. 15. SORE-WA I-I IKEN DESU-NE.
16. I think your opinion is right. 16. SONO-IKEN-WA TADASHI-I-TO OMO-I-MASU.
17. I think that is different/wrong. 17. SORE-WA CHIGA-U-TO OMO-I-MASU.
18. That’s impossible. 18. SORE-WA MURI-DESU.
19. Are you for or against his opinion? 19. KARE-NO-IKEN-NI SANSEI DESU-KA? HANTAI DESU-KA?
20. I am for it. / I am against it. 20. WATASHI-WA SANSEI DESU. /HANTAI DESU.
21. Please report the current situation. 21. GENZAI-NO JÔKYÔ-O HÔKOKU-SHI-TE KUDASAI.
22. Please report the result of the investigation. 22. CHÔSA-NO KEK’KA-O HÔKOKU-SHI-TE KUDASAI.
23. Do you have any question? 23. NANI-KA SHITSUMON-GA AR-I-MASU-KA?
24. I have a question. 24. SHITSUMON-GA AR-I-MASU.
25. That is a difficult question, indeed. 25. SORE-WA MUZUKASHI-I SHITSUMON DESU-NE.
26. Please give me a little time. I’ll think about it. 26. SUKOSHI JIKAN-O KUDASAI. KANGAE-MASU.
27. That’s a waste of time. 27. SORE-WA JIKAN-NO MUDA-DESU.
28. Please state your idea. (speak your mind) 28. ANATA-NO KANGAE-O HANASHI-TE KUDASAI.
29. What is the conclusion? 29. KETSURON-WA NAN’ DESU-KA?
30. Please say the conclusion ahead. 30. KETSURON-O SAKI-NI IT-TE KUDASAI.
31. Please state only the point simply. 31. YÔTEN-DAKE-O KANTAN-NI HANASHI-TE KUDASAI
32. Please make your point clear. 32. YÔTEN-O HAK’KIRI-SHI-TE KUDASAI.
33. I don’t understand well. 33. YO-KU WAKAR-A-NA-I DESU.
34. I need an explanation once more. 34. MÔ ICHIDO SETSUMEI-GA IR-I-MASU.
35. I am talking. Please wait a moment. 35. WATASHI-GA HANASHI-TE I-RU-N’ DESU. SUKOSHI MAT-TE KUDASAI.
36. Please be quiet during the meeting. 36. KAIGI-CHUU-WA SHIZUKA-NI SHI-TE KUDASAI.
37. Please continue. 37. TSUZUKE-TE KUDASAI.
38. Regarding that, I’ll check it later. 38. SORE-NI TSUI-TE ATO-DE SHIRABE-MASU.
39. I’ll investigate it well, and let you know later. 39. YO-KU SHIRABE-TE, ATO-DE REN’R AKU-SHI-MASU.
40. Please let us know by e-mail. 40. E-Mail-DE REN’RAKU-SHI-TE KUDASAI.
41. Why don’t we take a break for 10 minutes? 41. KYUUKEI-O 10-PUN TOR-I-MASEN-KA?
42. Let’s resume the meeting at 2 o’clock. 42. 2-JI-NI KAIGI-O SAIKAI-SHI-MASHÔ.
43. Let’s continue the meeting. 43. KAIGI-O TSUZUKE-MASHÔ.
44. Mr. B is not here. Please call him in. 44. B-SAN-GA I-NA-I DESU. YON-DE KI-TE KUDASAI.
45. Regarding this matter, I’ll reply next week. 45. KONO-KEN-NI TSUI-TE-WA RAISHUU HENJI-SHIMASU.
46. Please study and discuss this issue once more by the next meeting. 46. TSUGI-NO Meeting-MADE-NI KONO-KEN-O MÔ ICHIDO KENTÔ-SHI-TE KUDASAI.
47. What should I prepare for the next meeting? 47. TSUGI-NO KAIGI-NI NANI-O JUNBI-SHI-TARA I-I DESU-KA?
48. Let’s decide on the schedule of the next meeting. 48. TSUGI-NO KAIGI-NO Schedule-O KIME-MASHÔ.
49. I want to hold the next meeting on Monday next week, but how about everyone’s availability? 49. TSUGI-NO KAIGI-O RAISHUU-NO GETSU-YOUBI-NI HIRAK-I-TA-I-N’ DESU-GA, MINA-SAN-NO TSUGÔ-WA IKAGA DESU-KA?
50. No problem. - Well, that’s all for this meeting. 50. MONDAI-NA-I DESU. - JAA, KONO-KAIGI-WA IJÔ DESU.
Created by: raykiko