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Science Exam Review

How are igneous rocks formed? cooling of magma or lava
How are sedimentary rocks formed? weathering compaction and cementation of sediments
How are metamorphic rocks formed? extreme heat and pressure
Properties of igneous intrusive rocks? cool inside earth slowly large crystals
Properties of igneous extrusive rocks? cools outside earth fast small grain or holes
Examples of mechanical weathering? ice wedging abrasion root pry
Examples of chemical weathering? Oxidation dissolution caves caverns can be a result
What is cross cutting relationship? geologic feature is younger than existing rock layer
What causes weather to circulate around the world? global wind patterns
what causes local wind systems to occur? specific heat of land and water
Direction objects deflected in northern hemisphere? clockwise
Direction objects deflected in southern hemisphere? counter clockwise
High pressure system? cloudless clear skies clockwise
Low pressure system? storms bad counter clockwise
Air mass bodies of air that have properties similar to portion of Earth over where they form
How do low pressure and high pressure systems affect wind? closer together causes more wind
How do continental plates move? convection currents and density
Divergent boundaries plates move away from each other mid atlantic ocean
Convergent boundaires volcanoes mountains trenches formed
Transform boundaries earthquakes
What type of plate movement causes earthquakes? transform
What helps create a tornado? warm most war dry and cool dry air
Which layer is the most dense? inner core
Which is the ozone layer? stratosphere
What occurs in the troposphere? weather
Created by: sydney1324